Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 59: Two Firsts

I was planning on doing my last double today and finally being able to say I'm caught up. Just one more double! Excited to get it over with, I was puttering around the house planning the day. I was shooting for 1130 at the old studio and then 5 at Summerlin. I received a text from a good friend I haven't seen since October. It said "come do Baptiste at 1:30 with me and Michelle A!". I haven't seen Michelle for a long time either. Michelle and Shelley are part of the "old crowd" of regulars from the old studio, back in the day. I started to text back that I couldn't than thought "oh what the hell, nobody ever died from too much yoga!". I ditched my plan for 11:30 bikram and went to Baptiste instead. It was the first time I've ever done that type of yoga and I was nervous. Zeeky was teaching and it was pretty crowded, which is not unusual. I've been sitting on the bench waiting for Bikram to start in the past and I've seen his class let out. It's always crowded. Everybody LOVES Baptiste with Zeeky. Well I'm no exception. I spent the next 90 minutes falling in love with the class. I was able to keep up pretty well, but mainly because I'm feeling crazy strong right now. Also I didn't try anything extra. For example, we were doing some posture that starts from down dog, then you raise one leg in the air, bent, with your hip out and then he said "ok, flippers, flip" and I stayed put. I hung my head down so I could see the back row behind me and tried to figure out what flippers flip meant. I watched a few students do it and thought to myself, OK, I'll try that later when I start getting the hang of this! There were quite a few postures where I did that. I just stayed where I was comfortable and rode my breath and watched. I ended up surprising myself and doing much better than I thought I would. After class I hung out, ate an orange, changed back into sweats and then headed up to Summerlin for 5pm Bikram with Frank. My body felt a bit sore and overworked so I just focused on alignment and breath. Also, the room wasn't very hot but I was raining like a faucet, I guess because it was my second class. There was a first timer in the back row who did pretty well. After class I was sitting in the lobby drinking my zico and she was picking up her welcome packet. I told her she did really well and then she asked me "is that your blog?" I said "you mean the bikramyogachick blog?" She nodded. I said "yes!" Then she said she's done some Baptiste, so I of course said I had done my first class today. Driving home I realized this was the first time ever somebody I've never met has "recognized" me from my blog.
Well tomorrow is day 60 and I'm feeling pretty darn good right now. What a change from the first 30 days where I was just having a rough go of it!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 57: Incredible High

Last we heard from our heroine, Bikramyogachick, she was three classes behind in the challenge. Now, after doing TWO doubles this week, she is only one behind. She hopes to catch up this weekend!!

Today I took a vacation day (I like to call it a "yogacation") and did an 11:30 and a 7pm class. It was my second double this week. The 11:30 was at the old studio with Roberta and 7pm was up at Summerlin with Frank. My daughter came with me to the 7. The first class went by nicely. A solid moving meditation. The second class something incredible happened. I felt very strong, like I hadn't already done a strong class earlier! Halfway through the class a sense of euphoria washed over me, just like a runner's high. When I finished class, energy was running up and down my body. The high I felt was nothing like you could ever get from any artificial substance and nothing like I've ever felt before in my three years of doing yoga. Doing 9 classes in 7 days seems to have pushed me into a beautiful, flexible, strong place.
I have no idea if this feeling will continue into next week and it really doesn't matter either way. I just feel lucky to have experienced it today!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 53: Blogging Break

Tonight was 5pm with Erika. My heart just wasn't in it tonight. I had an OK class, but I felt like I was just going through the motions. This past Saturday I had my first Reiki session with Misha. Since that session, I've felt very introspective. You see, the first 30 days of this challenge was a very strange sort of physical suffering for me. The last 23 days have been mental. Why I am doing this? I've done 99 days, three or four 60 day challenges and a couple of 30's. What does this mean anymore? Why am I blogging still? I've been writing in this little space for two years now. Sometimes I feel like I'm writing posts that have already been written by me in previous challenges. Sometimes I feel like I'm saying too much on this public space and sometimes I say too little because I'm all out of things to talk about.
Misha is leaving for Europe and then she's on staff for teacher training, so no more Reiki sessions. However, she suggested I journal. So I'm going to do just that. I'm going to spend the next week getting these doubles (three of them!) off my back and I'm going to privately journal. I'm turning inward for awhile. Not quitting the challenge by any means! I will still do Bikram everyday, make up my three missed classes, read your blogs, cheer you on from the comments section and soon enough, I'll be back home to my blog to let you know how I'm doing!

**I need a volunteer (or volunteers) to cover for me on the group blog for three posts (this Wednesday, this Saturday and next Wednesday). If you are interested please email: bikram101challenge (at)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 52: The kid joins me

That's my beautiful daughter. Two years ago she was coming with me to Bikram yoga quite regularly. She really loved it. She was popular with the teachers, they adored her. Of course she enjoyed the attention, especially from Frank and Dray. (who wouldn't?) Eventually her interest waned and it's been a year since she's been in that hot room with me....until today. Her knees have been bothering her for quite some time, and are worse since volleyball season ended. I took her to a orthopedic doctor and he just said she's got tendinitis and prescribed physical therapy three times a week. The p.t is pricey, and also with her father and I both working full time, difficult to get to. I had a discussion with her father about bringing her to yoga with me three times a week and surprisingly he was quite enthusiastic about it. He agreed with me about the benefits of her stretching her knees out in that hot room. So I looked at the schedule and saw Frank was teaching the 5pm tonight at Summerlin. Perfect, she loves Frank. I brought her there and coworker Fran showed up for class as well. Fran stays toward the back so Ash set up by her. I was in front of them. All through class I kept glancing over at her and she was calm, gracefully moving in and out of postures. She sat out one set of triangle and did everything else! After class she said she felt great. She looked at me and said "why did I stop doing this in the first place mom?" I just chuckled and said "I don't know, but I'm glad you came with me tonight. You did so good!" She's coming with me again on Wednesday night. She agreed to go three times a week for four weeks and see how her knees feel.

p.s~ I had a friend in town and missed class Saturday. Now I'm three behind. **again**
I guess I'm a glutton for double punishment, because now I have three of those suckers to do!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 50: A Tight Muscle is a Light Muscle

Today was 5pm with Erika up at Summerlin. I've always thought Erika was a good teacher, but lately she's really been growing on me.....she's moved up into my "top 5" :). She's just got such great energy, dialog and compassion. I was in the front row to the left of the podium right next to her. I felt very strong starting off. After eagle I stood there looking into the mirror feeling like a gymnast that just warmed up and is ready to go do a bunch of flips or something. I was really amped. Standing head to knee I felt solid kicking out. Usually when I kick out I get tired and winded pretty quickly. Today I was squeezing those thigh muscles as tight as I could, breathing calmly and not feeling winded! "A tight muscle is a light muscle" popped into my head (in Drays voice, he says that all of the time). Erika said "good Michelle!" when she saw me kicking out, solid. Second set I almost got my forehead to my knee both times and I didn't fall out right away like usual. I was able to hold the posture steady while trying to get the forehead to the knee. I was really close on both sides! After class I accosted Erika in the hall "did you see that! I almost got my forehead to my knee!" She smiled and said "I did! I was going to tell you to go for it but then I saw how focused you were and I was like 'she's going to do it!'"
I grinned ear to ear, so tempted to give her a big sweaty bear hug and knock her over. I opted not to do that. Probably a good call on my part, she's pretty petite.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 49: The Best Laid Plans....

sometimes don't come to fruition. Case in point: I was headed to 5pm yoga. Listening to Kings of Leon, sunglasses on, drinking water, ready to go. I got into a left had turn lane and both felt and heard something in my tires. I was about a mile from the studio. I kept driving and when I parked I noticed the drivers side rear tire was deflated a bit. A thought flitted through my head "well, just go to yoga, your damn nitrogen tires are acting up again because of the weather change". I stood there, looking at the tire and looking at "pep boys" across the street. I got back in and drove over there. "Do you do tires?" I asked. "No. Go to discount tire over on Lake Mead, not too far away". "Ok" I said. "Wait, let me put some air in your tire first!". So I pulled up and let the nice gentleman add some air. I went to discount tire and they patched my tire for free. "You're all set mam". I was like, really? Ok, great! I got back in the car and looked at the clock. 4:59. Ok, obviously I'm NOT going to 5pm yoga. I drove over to Old Navy and browsed for a bit, leaving with a new yoga outfit, pj's, and flipflops. I headed back up to the yoga studio and passed the rest of the time playing solitaire on my ipod and getting an awesome cobra tip from owner Steph. The 7pm students finally start showing up and I see yoga BFF Mark, coworker Fran, regular Elerary, regular Karen and regular Joel. Mark H was teaching. I sat on the couch realizing how great this whole thing was. I never once got mad about the tire, I just took it in stride. I saw all of the benefits of the changed plans: I had a big had more time to digest, my yoga bff showed up, I practiced next to regular Karen and she smiles during some postures and that encouraged me when I started to get overheated. So sometimes we just need to roll with the punches. Sometimes our best laid plans get derailed and the end result is quite alright!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 48: Change

Today was 5pm up at Summerlin with Jason. Tomorrow, Brandy (our new champion!!!) will be taking the 930 am class at Summerlin before leaving to India to resume teaching there. Times like this I feel like my work gets in the way of my yoga. **Le sigh**. I will send love, light and energy in that general direction as I sit in my cubicle. I know I've written this before, but Brandy was my favorite favorite teacher at Bikram Southwest when she was there. She always pushed, corrected and encouraged me in a way that made me think "damn, she seems to think I'll kick out someday in standing head to knee and then get my forehead to the knee, perhaps she's right!?!" It took me two years to kick out. Now, approaching three years, I'm finally starting to head in the direction of getting my head to the knee on the left side. I've done it once. Then a few days ago I went in that direction and held it, very still...with the forehead an inch from the knee! Almost! So I'm among a legion of yogis that adore her. I'm just feeling very grateful for all of the classes I got to take from her. I hope someday our paths will cross again so I can take more classes and maybe teaching a class she is in!
Back to tonight's class. I have been doing "left front row" alot at Summerlin so today I went to the right and did second row, pretty close to the podium. It was a hot, humid class. Even Jason, teaching, was dripping. In the locker room afterwards we were talking about the heat. I said "ya, you know it's hot when your teacher raises his arm and splashes you!" Instructor Patty and I giggled. I'm quite sure that many of you will get grossed out while reading this. Me, I'm a dripper too. I'm sure I've flung a drop of sweat on someone in a packed class and I know I've had alot dripped on me. Funny, when I first started Bikram I would've probably run out of the room screaming if somebody splashed me. Now I consider it an honor when somebody gives me a hug when we are both looking like drowned rats.
I've changed. Alot. And they say people can't change. Perhaps they are right. Maybe we evolve....maybe we make different choices....maybe we mellow out....maybe we learn lessons......or maybe we really do change.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 47: A Bumper Sticker and A New Friend

Today was 5pm with Kimberly. I haven't had her class yet, so I went in a blank slate. No expectations. I've seen her around a couple of times, she seemed really cool. I set up in the front row to the left of the podium. Right as class was about to start, a bit of jockeying around was done to accommodate another yogini in the row behind me. This resulted in a guy named Jason scooting up next to me. I've seen him around alot, he has a nice solid practice. Once he got his mat in place he glanced over and whispered "hi". I responded in kind thinking, wow, this guys super nice. Class starts and although Kimberly is cool, the class, not so much. It was a nice hot class. I noticed Jason to the left of me super quiet and super still between postures. I mean this guy didn't even drink at party time! He just stood there, totally still, conserving energy. I thought to myself, oh boy, you better try not to fidget and make noise Michelle! The end result was much like the feeling I used to get practicing next to Mark, my yoga bff. Mark and I were not just practicing next to each other, we were practicing together. Many times Mark and I would be in sync with breath and movement. A few postures felt like that next to Jason. It was really nice. I love it when that happens!
In the lobby after class I sat chatting with yoga bff Mark (he was there for the 7) and Jason. I jokingly said "I'm going to get a bumper sticker that says 'Kimberly Kills', that was HARD!" Jason laughed and said "I don't think you are the only one that thought that tonight". Then I introduced myself (that's when I found out his name) and told him that he had a nice focused practice. He just laughed and said "so do you, that's why I was focused, I thought it was all you!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 46: Three Day Weekends...

rock! Today I was off work (yay!) so I spent the morning lounging around with coffee and breakfast and hangin' out with my daughter. Then her and I went to see a movie. When I got home I was soooo tempted to just stay in, but yoga was calling. I went down to the old studio for 530 with Roberta while my daughter opted to stay home and get caught up on her laundry. The class was medium size, the room not too hot, Reggi was next to me and Roberta was mellow with a capital M. It was one of those classes where you just feel so rejuvenated and relaxed on the way home. A nice way to end a nice weekend....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 45: I'm a jackass

Today was 11am up at Summerlin with Erika. I got there pretty early and was sitting on a lobby bench. A girl sat down next to me. All I know about her is she has the same last name as one of the teachers. Due to my advanced age, this gal looked pretty young to me. And the guy in question is I think older than me. We started some casual conversation and I said "oh, is :teacher: your father?" She looked at me, and said, "no, that's my husband". My face turned as red as my red yoga capris. I mumbled an apology and said something stupid like "I'm so sorry, you just look so young!" I sat there wishing the floor would open up and swallow me.
I am the Biggest. Jackass. On the planet.
For the first 20 minutes of class I berated myself. The mental flogging I was giving myself was worthy of an axe murder. I felt SO bad. You have no idea. I just couldn't let it go.....
Finally, during balancing stick I fell out of second set left side and got pissed at myself for falling out. I've been falling out of the left side on the posture alot lately, so after managing to stay strong first set, I got irritated. I stood there waiting for the next posture to start, looked at myself in the mirror and said "let it go. It's over. Shake it off." So I did, shake it off. Then I thought to myself, why can't I shake off the comment I made. I felt like an idiot, it can't be taken back, move on, right? Life lessons in the yoga room.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44: Debbie Does a Double

Ok. My name is not Debbie. But doesn't that sound so much better? Wait, now my blog might come up on some creepy google porn searches. But I digress.....
As the title says, I did a double today. Remembering my agony from my back to back double two Thursdays ago, I decided to split the classes up. I went up to Summerlin for an amazing 11am class with Erika. I was a crappy wife to yoga last night. I made it all up in that steamy morning class. Yoga, never mad at me, welcomed me in his hot sweaty embrace and we danced for 90 minutes, leaving me spent and soaked on my mat. I spent the afternoon running errands with my daughter (good thing I had done yoga, the number of boys/guys/men catcalling and making comments to her had me a bit freaked out) and eating/hydrating well in preparation for an early evening class. Over to the old studio for class number two at 5:30 with Roberta. It was a tough class, yogi's down/leaving the room/laying down towards the end. I did pretty well. I had a good solid standing series and felt a bit tired when I hit the ground for floor. I tried to get out of my head and breathe, but the floor was a little tough for me. I did everything up until camel. Camel made me want to curl up and die and I came out early, totally out of breath and dizzy. I finished up the class and lay on my drenched towel/mat wondering how many pounds of water I had sweat out today. It was crazy how juicy both classes were! I got a zico after class and realized that I felt fine. Obviously the work I did throughout the day to consciously double up on electrolytes did the trick.
One double down, two to go.......

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 43: She's just not that into you....

Dear Yoga,
I was a bad yogini today. You know I'm crazy about you. Today I didn't show it. I went to the 5pm class feeling blah. I ignored you the whole 90 mins I was in the room with you. I was non responsive and even **gasp** sat out some postures due to total lack of interest.
I promise I will make it up to you tomorrow. Just because I was rotten today doesn't mean you're still not the one for me....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 42: A dream, a compliment and a quirk....

I was on a boat. A big enough boat to have bedrooms and bathrooms. There was a bar on it as well and everybody was partying, houseboat style. I was sitting on a couch type seat in the open air part of the boat, smiling, sunglasses, wind, to my yoga crush. My yoga crush who I haven't seen for a few weeks now. He was wearing a red tank top. Sunglasses. Smile. Dark tousled hair. He looked at me adoringly and I leaned into him, smiling ear to ear. I closed my eyes, tilted my face up to the sun and breathed in the fresh clear air, appreciating the warmth on my face and all along the side of my body that was pressed against him........
Unfortunately, that's the dream part of the title. I woke up this morning after that dream, restless, yearning, wanting.
I went to 5pm yoga in a daze. Partly due to learning there is a bikram yoga retreat in the south of france run by Craig Villani. I need to get there! (thanks Hannah just breathe for sharing). I wandered into 5pm at Summerlin with Jason teaching, dreaming of France. The class was small. Under 20. The yogis that were there were strong, focused, experienced. Jason even tried to crack a couple of jokes, but everybody was too far "in the yoga brain zone". I was so in the zone I actually started to do the wrong posture once.
Suddenly, during spine series I "came to" and realized I do something funny. It's a quirk I suppose. After locust (your arms are trapped under you in that posture) I "free the girls" before we go into full locust (your arms are out and you are lifting up like an airplane). I always do this but never really paid attention to it. I'm quite sure the dialog between the two postures doesn't say "do a small mini pushup to free the girls before going into savasana". That got me thinking. What's your quirk? Do you do anything during class that is unique to you? I bet you do! Please share! It can't be as embarrassing as freeing the girls, so shoot!
The compliment: After class I was chillin' in the lobby with my zico and Jason said "you have a nice triangle. I was going to say something during class but I got tongue tied!" (He's new, cut him a break!) I smiled ear to ear. Getting used to a different flooring has made me triangle challenged. The last week at Summerlin I felt like I was getting back to my old self and getting used to the carpet. I guess it shows! I have a nice triangle! Awesome!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 41: Dropping Likes Flies

Today was 530 at the old studio with Roberta. It was packed. 50 students shoved into the "small room". She taught the class before so it was already hot and humid. I broke out in a sweat just laying my mat down. If Reggi would've been there today we would've given each other the "it's gonna be ugly" look. It was so brutal that four people left right after standing series and another two during the spine series. Lots of downed yogi's all over the room at different times in the class. In spite of all of this I had a solid class and pretty much rocked it out up until camel. Once I hit second set of camel I suddenly felt sapped. I pushed through the rest of class and lay on my soggy towel for savasana feeling grateful that I made it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 40: Still here....

I'm still here. I'm THREE classes behind. I missed Sunday and Monday for reasons I can't blog about.

That means I have THREE doubles ahead of me. You all know how much I love doubles (if I could type this in sarcastic letters, I would).

Tonight was 5pm up at Summerlin with Adele. I parked myself in the backrow and ended up being trapped in no mirror land. Even though I was there first, the guy in the front row put his mat directly in front of me. By the time I got in the room, I couldn't move left (wall) or right (person) and he had tons of room to move either direction but didn't. He didn't do it on purpose of course, just not aware of yoga room etiquette yet. Too new. Oh well, it made for an interesting practice and a very balance challenged standing series. I had to feel instead of see, and maybe that's a good thing.
I was glad to be back in that room. Not glad to be three behind, but I'll get it done.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 37: Summerlin is not killing me, it's making me stronger

Today was 1:30 with Yuko at the old studio. Coming off of a few hot hot humid classes at Summerlin, including a double that almost killed me second class I was not sure what to expect today. What I received in that room was an amazing gift. It was the kind of class that makes you say "this is why I practice!" The room was not very hot. The humidity was ok, but the heat low. So Yuko encouraged us to work harder. Right off the bat I felt strong, solid, graceful, lithe. I'm quite sure I looked the same as I always do in the postures, but the way I felt was a whole nother matter. I felt amazing. Energy flowed through my body. My breath was quiet, easy, even. I was able to hold the postures even when others where coming out. Yuko tends to start correcting somebody and keeps us in there while correcting, then continues with the dialog, holding us in for quite awhile. Normally I would come out in irritation. Not today. Today I just breathed. I stayed put. I waited. I saw others coming out in my peripheral vision. I held it for another two seconds after she said change just because I wasn't in a rush. I was totally present, totally calm and the strongest I've felt the entire challenge.
What a nice unexpected gift! When the class was over, I knelt in final breathing, eyes sparkling, a slight smile threatening to come out, thinking, "Ok, what's next today!!"
Now I get to go pick up my daughter and we are going to bring my mom her birthday present. That's what's next! Happy weekend everybody!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 36: Home is where the laughter is

Tonight was 7pm with Marc up at Summerlin. Second time ever taking his class. Loved him the first time and tonight he didn't disappoint. I got there pretty early. I ran an errand after work, and instead of going home, I headed on up to the studio. The owner, Stephanie was working the front desk, the lobby quiet. The 5pm class was not even done the standing series yet, that's how early I was. Stephanie kept me company for awhile and it was nice to get to talk to her one on one. I don't know her all that well, aside from taking her classes in the way past at the old studio. Turns out she's got one heck of a sense of humor! Love her! I was peeking in the window at the students taking the 5pm and I said to her "Is that Jason (instructor) with his feet up against the door, practically coming out of the room?" She laughed and said "probably, he's dramatic". We both got a good chuckle out of that. Fast forward to the yogis coming out of the 5pm, red faced, dripping, tired. By this time Marc was in the lobby too. The "Jason's feet on the door" came up and we were all laughing. Then Stephanie came out from behind the front desk and demonstrated something funny Jason has been doing in second part of awkward lately. This kind of arm swinging thing to regain balance. Think: windmill with left arm. It was so funny, we were all dying. Jason was a great sport about it and was laughing with us. There I was, dressed in yoga gear, hair pulled back, no makeup on, eyes crinkled with laughter a huge smile on my face and I felt like I was home. Just like the old days when Reggi, Christian, the rest of the regulars and I would cut up in the lobby before class at the old studio. Home is where the yoga is....home is where the laughter is.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 35: A Double

Tonight was 5pm and 7pm up at Summerlin both with Misha. I was talking to her before class telling her I might do a double. I said, "should I just really pace myself the first class?" She said "No. Just do the first class and don't think about the next one." So I had a very strong first class, rocked it out a bit and the second class...not so much. I was in pain by first set of half moon and had to take a knee several times during the balancing series. My ears plugged up, I was seeing spots and my hands and feet were water logged. I recovered a bit during the floor series and pushed my way through to the end. When it was over, I was glad I did it! Someday I will get better at these back to back doubles! On a side note, my yoga bag was so heavy when I was walking out. Two yogi toes, two towels to dry off and two sets of yoga clothes all soaked through. I could barely lift my bag and when I hoisted it up onto my shoulder it felt like it was going to rip my dang shoulder off! That's alot of sweating over a three hour period!
Now I'm just one class behind instead of two. Phew.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 34: You think this is bad......

Today was 5:30 with Roberta. It was hot and tough. The class was pretty crowded and I was happy because Reggi was next to me. We used to practice together almost every day, next to each other sharing energy and sometimes our misery. It was great to be practicing with her tonight. Ah, the old "regulars". Roberta kept us in full locust longer than normal. Then, right at the end when she was about to say change, out of the corner of my eye I saw some yogis come out. That's when she decided to say "Michelle, go up further, keep going, exhale, now go up more......HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!" I was in there for probably an extra 15 seconds all by myself. I came out on my own and she said "Michelle is doing the challenge, she is getting so strong!" Appreciate giggles and some laughter. Good thing my face was already red, because I'm a blusher and I was feeling a bit uncomfortable!

And now I want to share something with you! At the beginning of the challenge, The Missus did a post on why 101 days of Bikram as opposed to 30, 60 or 90 and included a blurb written by Mary Jarvis. Most of you know who she is. She recently did a guest post on a cool blog called "Oh My Bikram". Go read it, it's amazing. The best thing about this post is it will make you think "Ok, I've got it pretty easy. This shit was hard core at the beginning! No water or hand towels allowed and if you squirm or look at Bikram the wrong way he says GET OUT".

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33: LOST!

Today was 5pm up at Summerlin with Adele. She hasn't been teaching lately so it's been quite awhile since I've had her class. I started off the class in a great mood. "Summerlin! Yay, haven't been here since Thursday. Oh, it's Adele! Love her! Oh, look at the pregnant lady behind me, she's so freakin' adorable! Wow, look at instructor Marc's standing head to knee, he's so strong! Ok Michelle, get back in the posture, stop looking around."
Then by the time we hit the floor the good mood....not so much. "Damn these people keep it hot here. Ok, just focus. Breathe. Adele, open the door please! Hmmm. I wonder if she would notice if I crawled over to the window and stuck my naked belly right onto the glass. Then I could flip over and press my back against it. I bet you can feel the cold from outside. Some guy just left. Lucky bastard. It's probably nice and cool in the lobby. Ok, just focus, get through this, LOST is on tonight!!!"
So what are we waiting for? Time to go watch LOST!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 32: Human Touch

Today was 5:30 with Dominique. It was one of those classes where you are not a train wreck, nor do you feel particularly strong. It was a go with the flow and be a shining example of medicrosy. I don't mind those classes one bit. They go by quite fast and don't seem very exciting one way or the other. Just business as usual. On the floor series Dominique came over during a savasana and picked my feet up, pulled my legs out a bit, set them down gently and applied a bit of pressure on my feet. It was sooooo relaxing. I lay there and thought to myself "now wasn't that lovely." When you are single you don't realize how much affection you have to do without! Oh sure we get hugs from friends, sweaty hugs from other yogis and affection from our kids (not so much when they are teenagers though) but it's not the same. Memories of a boyfriend ten years ago who loved to rub my feet and legs when we were watching tv came flooding back. I spent the rest of the floor series off in la la land. **Sigh**