Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Yoga

Who goes to Bikram yoga on Christmas morning? 
Me.  And 50 other yogis.
My studio had a free class Christmas day at 10am.  It was the only class running that day and the teacher practiced with us.  We did the class to Bikrams CD.  I've been practicing for 5 years and have never practiced to the CD.  The verdict?  All avid Bikram students should do the CD at least once!  I rolled into the studio ready for a good sweat after a family filled Christmas Eve spent at my little apartment.  My boyfriend cooked prime rib and we packed 7 people into my tiny place to laugh, love and eat.  My daughter headed off to her fathers for gift extravaganza number two Christmas morning and my boyfriend went off to a 9am tee time with a bunch of friends.  This is how I found myself on my mat Christmas morning sweating with a room full of yoga friends.  The energy was amazing and the students laughed here and there at Bikram spouting off his funny "bikram-isms".   It was almost like the man himself were there, in the room, talking to us instead of the class present while doing the recording. 
Physically I had a great class.  I was off work for 6 days in a row what with a couple of vacation days, the weekend and the Christmas holidays.  I made it to the hot room 4 times and even managed to get my boyfriend to his first class ever.  He mouthed "I hate you, you're crazy" at me toward the end of the standing series.  I just chuckled.  His ego wouldn't let him sit anything out and he was dying.  He did very well and I was proud of him.  Oh, and after class he felt great and decided he doesn't actually hate me.