Thursday, April 29, 2010

These are my people

I have been missing the blogging community! You guys really keep me inspired and I miss the interaction with you via this little blogging space I used to frequent so much. So today I dust it off and try out my writing legs once more.
What have I been up too? Well, my life is pretty much like this right now: My hair is on fire. That sums it up quite nicely! Without getting into gory details I am going through a major major change in my personal life. A very scary one that is not good by any means. However, I am looking at this as an opportunity to grow. For eight days I was not able to get to yoga at all due to this event. I am now back in the saddle (tonight will be my 6th Bikram class in 6 days) and am leaning heavily on this yoga to carry me through the rest of what I must face. In fact, I have decided I need yoga every day while my hair is on fire! Am I doing a challenge? You bet your tight bikram behind I am! What I haven't decided is the length of the challenge. 30, yup. 60..most likely. 90? Hopefully. We will have to see if the fire starts to spread or get worse!
I've tried to remain positive but tonight I was feeling a bit down. I dragged my yoga gear up the stairs to my studio, head down, face in a worried frown. As I'm checking in I'm greeted by the very friendly front desk person. Taking a deep breath, I lift my head up and go into the locker room. As I'm walking by the yoga room I see Frank teaching the 4pm. The smile creeps onto my worried face as I catch his eye. Changing from work Michelle to yoga clothes Michelle my body starts to relax. Off comes the makeup, up goes the hair, off come the high heels, on go the flip flops. I go out to the lobby to sit on the long comfy couch and wait. Regulars start to wander in. Suddenly I'm smiling, saying hi, giving and receiving hugs. This space, this studio, these people, it feels like a thick soothing salve that I am gently applying right onto the gaping wound caused by the fire. I smile and look out the window toward the red rock mountains and say thank you. I'm already at peace, already feeling better when things get turned up a notch. Students from the old studio start to come in. Regulars from the studio I haven't been to in months. Faces I have missed. They come in, all smiles, excited to check out this new studio and happy to see me. More hugs all around and lots of excited talk as they find out Dray will be teaching our class.
I finally get into the hot room at 5 mins til. Dray comes in, bringing his amazing energy with him as soon as those beautiful double glass doors open. I stand up, look around and see "old" and "new" regulars ready to begin. We start the breathing and the energy is tangible. I practice for 90 minutes and notice that we are moving and breathing as one in so many postures. The sweat pours down my face and puts out the fire in my hair for 90 blessed minutes. I leave feeling refreshed. I leave knowing that these are truly my people. This is where I belong.