Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Unity, fellowship, strength and love

Last night I went up to my old studio in Summerlin to do a drop in class and visit my old friends.  The thing I loved about that studio was the comraderie amongst the yogis.  They are a true community up there and fun abounds.  We used to tag each other on facebook and do shout out's "Who's going to the 5pm tonight?" and we'd "talk" on facebook about it in advance, getting excited for our sweaty session together.  Once there, it was always fun to jockey for position next to friends.  Nothing has changed.  I arrived and two of my old friends, Ashley and Jenn had already set up in the front row.  They are both competing this year and looked fantastic.  I set up next to them and a teacher came in, setting up next to me.  The four of us absolutely rocked out that front row.  We were in sync with each other, quiet, strong, breathing.  It was beautiful.  After class, I lay on my mat, soaking in the love and fellowship of the studio.  There is something special there, just like old times when I would do challenges and blog about my adventures.  I miss my daily practice.  I miss the bikram community.  I miss the way I felt.  Alas, a daily practice is just not in the cards for me at this present time.  But who's to say it's not someday?  Meanwhile, I will keep going once or twice a week, peppering it in around my body pump and hiking.  Life is good!
Speaking of hiking, the new man and I are still at it.....we are adorable, right?  :)