Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Fall Meme

This is a meme written by the Resteraunt Refugee. Hannah posted it on her blog with some very beautiful answers. Here are mine.... (the questions are in bold)

It’s not fall in Las Vegas until …Halloween. September is still pretty hot, and often times we don’t really get that first wonderful crisp “snap” of cold until Halloween. I love October in Vegas! The air is lighter, fresher, and less oppressive.

Kelly Preston’s character in the movie For Love of the Game expresses her need to escape NYC because “Summer’s almost over, and I feel like I missed it.” What do you need to do in the waning days of summer for it to feel complete?
Drive with the top down. Feel the warmth of the sun on my skin and bask in the final rays of summer. I also need to make sure I visit the ocean at least once during the summer. I cannot let those glorious months slip by without hearing the gentle and soothing sounds of that great body of water.

The person I know is wrong for me but about whom I frequently think after a break-up is my last relationship. It was short, off and on, intense, powerful, soul wrenching. I often wonder if those feelings could be sustained over the long run without killing both of the parties involved. For this I go with the “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” statement.

The US Tennis Open, one of four Grand Slam events in that sport, is currently in the quarterfinal round. If you could only attend one major sporting event what would it be?
I don’t watch sports at all and have attended very few live professional sporting events, however, I’d love to go the Superbowl. I just think the energy would be fantastic.

Assuming that you write an anonymous or partially anonymous blog, by what non-physically identifying characteristics might you be identified in a bar?
Non-physically identifying characteristics…hmmm…that’s a toughie. I suppose I’d be the girl who is there with several people. I am a total people person and love getting groups together to either go out, or hang out at my house to play cards, drink, laugh and have a great time.

Most blogs cover some sort of niche – personal, political, dating, culinary, etc. What topic, if any, would you like to address on your blog but doesn’t fit into your niche?
My blog of course is all about my personal journey with Bikram yoga. I absolutely suck at cooking and hate it that I do. I would love to have time to really obtain some culinary skills and share what I learn on a blog. Not just cooking and recipes, but more of an overall approach to learning to transition to a permanent healthy lifestyle. I think there are a lot of us who really struggle with embracing the learning process and the time it takes to achieve balance in this area.

If you could manipulate the time space continuum and give as many as three pieces of advice to a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give and to what age of you?
To ten year old Michelle: yes your parents divorce will be hard but keep your head up the next few years of moving around and embrace new friends, don’t hide behind your books. To high school Michelle: no you are not fat and stop being so insecure, have confidence and faith in who you are. To 23 year old Michelle: yes your decision to keep your baby was right, but don’t focus so closely on how hard it is to be a single parent, enjoy those formative years, they slip right through your fingers . To 25, 30 and 33 year old Michelle: No you do not need to buy a man a car with your credit (twice) or a house either. Never give away your financial freedom to another again.

Who among your friends do you really wish had a blog because their stories, or perspective on something ought to be shared?
I just met a man last month who travels a lot for work. He has great taste in music, food, drinks and books. He is interesting as hell and has been to over 80 countries and lived in many different places. I’d love to read a blog about his travels. He’s got great stories!

If you were to take an e-cation (vacation from the trappings of our electronic world,) and assuming that employment obligations would allow it, how long of a break could you take? What would you miss the most, the least?
Being a person who works in the technical field, my e-cation would have to be during a vacation. I give myself one week tops. I love phone calls, emails, texts, facebook, blogs……all forms of electronic communications. I am able to keep in touch with so many people that I might otherwise let slip through my fingers. I am also blessed to have met some very wonderful people through the interwebs. Hey, the internet is not just for stalkers anymore!

On September 11th of this year, I will be attending a couple of parties and am somewhat conflicted by the fact that this ignoble anniversary shall pass with it being just another day in the eyes of many (and in some ways my own eyes as well.) Thoughts?
I find it interesting how the human heart and spirit mends itself over time. Time is the magician of the heart. Some events are too big and too painful to ever totally put behind you. For a person, the loss of a child, parent or spouse is something that will never be fully healed by the salve of time. On a bigger scale, a nation can suffer the same thing. September 11th was that loss for our nation.

How high are your walls? Who was the last person to scale them? What tools should would-be climbers have on their belt?
I didn’t have any walls. That was the problem. So as of now they are about waist high. The bricks are new and red and the mortar is still wet. I diligently lay some bricks each time I go to yoga. Don’t worry, I’m adding a door. All you have to do to come in is knock…..

The sexiest thing a man can say to you (or has said to you) is:
Don’t talk. Just look at me….that way. When you can see it in their eyes, how they feel, that is sexy as hell.


  1. Wonderful and beautiful! BTW, your post has been picked up on twitter ;)

    See you real real real soon! xoxo

  2. Mei~ Thank you. And what does that mean! I don't use twitter, so I'm totally twitter illiterate! :)
    Yes, see you soon! **trickster waving paw at you!!**

  3. That means someone with a couple of thousand followers [me being one of them] tweeted [broadcasted] a tweet about your post and link ;)

    Be prepared to see your stats EXPLODE for this week!

    oh btw, synchronised yoga - haha , how cute!

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  4. I am really glad that you decided to participate; I really adore your answers. They reflect a level of self-awareness and candor that is too rare these days... and I'm glad that you're building a door.

  5. Restaurant Refugee~ thank you! That is a very nice compliment. Great meme, thanks for writing it.

  6. Hmmmm. "I just met a man last month who travels a lot for work. He has great taste in music, food, drinks and books. He is interesting as hell and has been to over 80 countries and lived in many different places. I’d love to read a blog about his travels. He’s got great stories!"

    Sounds like somebody I know. I feel the ominous presence of a blog coming on. Not nearly as interesting as you would imagine, although today did involve a Thai Ladyboy, some incredibly hot and spicy food (who cooks the food), beer (of course) and rats running around my feet as I ate breakfast. Just another day in paradise, but more on that in a private email.

  7. Oh and on a completely different topic, if anybody wants to listen to some AMAZING Australian music this band "The Temper Trap" are about to be the biggest thing since, well I just don't know. I know the guys from way back and this is just awesome for them. I used to go and see them play in front of 15 people. Not quite yoga, but incredible, and Michelle they have been likened to U2.

    As seen on the soundtrack to 500 days of Summer. Unbelievable Aussie Music.

    And this is my fave.....

    Oh my god I love this........