Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 22: Stay in the room

Wow.  What a rollercoaster this challenge has been.
I get knocked down.
Then I get up again.
Then I get knocked down.
Then I get up again.
There is no consistency to my classes....I am all over the board.  A great class, then the yoga truck runs me over the next day, then a good one, then the yoga truck again.  It's been so different than anything I've experienced previously.  I must say it's good though.  I'm sure it's because I did so little yoga the past year.  This feels right.  I have 8 days to complete 30 days and would need to do 3 doubles if I'm going to make the 30 in 30.  I haven't been feeling good enough to conquer a second class right after any of my 6pm's.  I keep thinking if I feel good one night I'll just stay and do 8.  I'm not "planning" my double because I'd rather not put that pressure on myself given how often the yoga truck has been tormenting me this time around!
We'll just see what happens.  I'm most likely going to go for 60 and would have more time to make up the three missed classes anyway.  30 just feels too early to end.  It's already just 8 days away and I haven't even hit my stride yet!
So tonight was 6pm with Marie and I got knocked down again.  It was pretty humid and after standing series was over I really started to feel it.  My mind went bonkers and I actually was wishing I could leave.  "You always stay in the room Michelle" drifted around in my head and I realized that after 4 years of bikram I've left the room a total of 3 or 4 times at the most.  So yes, I stay in the room.  That thought got me through the rest of a very tough session.

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