Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I've only been getting to Bikram once a week.  It's all I can squeeze into my schedule right now for many reasons.  At first I found this very upsetting.  Then I relaxed and decided to be grateful for that 90 mins per week when I can be in that hot room, practicing my favorite style of yoga.  Instead of a chore, as it sometimes felt during challenges, it now feels like a mini vacation.  A break.  Bliss.  Coming home.  It's great!  Last night I went to the 7pm at the new studio here in Vegas.  Kimberly was teaching.  I really like her style, I used to take her up at Summerlin.  The room was hot and crowded, so I ended up right in front of the podium, under Kimberly's all seeing gaze.  Since February, I've done body pump at the gym twice a week.  Three weeks ago, my friend and I added spin class once a week to that as well.  In addition, my new boyfriend loves to hike, so for about 5 weeks in a row we've gone hiking every weekend.  This past Sunday we did a 6 mile loop and then a 1.5 mile switchback trail up at Mt. Charleston.  Suffice it to say I've been moving around alot and getting stronger in many ways.  This has translated into incredible Bikram classes the last few times.  Standing head to knee and standing bow are improving in leaps and bounds due to this newfound strength building up in my legs.  I'm able to get my forehead on my knee in standing head to knee with consistency now.  I just can't hold it very long yet.
Class was amazing and I was grateful for every minute in that room, every drop of sweat.  I left feeling like a million bucks.  Walking out in the parking lot, the guy that practiced next to me was also walking to his car.  He looked at me and said "good job in there".  I thanked him and then he continued on to say he noticed my balance was strong in the standing series.  Unexpected compliments are nice any day, aren't they?