Friday, October 21, 2011

So Strange.....

I clomped up the metal stairs, still in work clothes and shoes.  "These stairs are still loud!" I thought as I went up to the second story.  I opened the door and walked into the studio.  I was assaulted all at once by colors and smells and music, all different, all unfamiliar.  How many times did I come into this very space?  Practicing Bikram, doing challenges, blogging daily.  Memories.  Making an R and M sandwichlaughing uncontrollably inside jokes,  and just lots and lots of hours in this place.  It was my home studio for quite some time.  When it changed from a Bikram studio to just a regular hot yoga studio I started roaming around to other bikram studios, never quite planting myself permanently like I did for the first couple years of my practice at the old Bikram Southwest. 
I took in the browns on the walls, the new names on the yoga room doors (Mars!) and the new faces at the front desk.  Well, new to me because it's been some time since I've passed through those doors.  I handed the friendly girl at the front my groupon.  "I need to activate this, it expires tomorrow".  She handed me a scan card for my keychain.  Vegas HOT! it read.  I chuckled as I added it to my keychain, for it now sits next to the old bedraggled Bikram Southwest one that I never removed.  It's still on there, dead, gone, never to return.  So I'll do a few classes here.  Use my 30 days unlimited for 30 dollars.  It's a good deal, and as long as I get over there 4 or 5 times I'll feel it was worth the 30 dollars.  Hot pilates anyone?