Monday, August 29, 2011

I had to leave.....

Last night was 5pm with Jason.  I arrived with a feeling of doom and gloom hanging over my head.  It was blazing hot and more humid than normal.  The day before was the same and I powered through class no problem, but Sunday, well it felt different.  I was hopped up on caffeine, had eaten only one bowl of cereal, ingested water but not enough and had sat outside in the blazing heat for 40 mins talking with a friend before heading to yoga.  A recipe for disaster. 
Of course, like a self fulfilling prophecy, I fell apart.  I hit my knees during standing bow (that's pretty bad, I don't normally have problems that soon) and all in all I sat out maybe 40 percent of the entire class.  I just couldn't keep it together.  I even.............LEFT THE ROOM during 2 min savasana to go fill up my water.
Shame on me!
I have been practicing since April 1st, 2007 and can count on ONE HAND the number of times I have left the room.
Tsk tsk!!!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Guess I'll stay awhile....

As my 2 month groupon special gets closer to wrapping up at Summerlin, I find myself feeling nostalgic.  I'm having so much fun with the instructors and with my yogi friends.  Practicing together, messing with each other's "airplanes" in full locust, suffering together in the lobby after a beating and also celebrating (last night after Lacey's class!) after a great class.  I left last night wanting to stay just a little bit longer....I only have 2 weeks left. 
The universe is good.  On my way to work this morning a coworker forwarded me the Summerlin newsletter.  They are having a "this weekend only" 2 mo. unlimited special for a kick butt price.  I jumped right on it and purchased it online!
So I think I'll stay for awhile......

Friday, August 5, 2011

Counter intuitive or an excuse?

I have been going to the awesome Bikram Summerlin studio for the last month.  In that time, I have averaged 4 classes a week.  Not as many as I'd like, but I'm so happy to be back doing bikram that any bikram is better than NO bikram.  I have noticed, since I've been back, that my two month absence from yoga set me back far in my practice.  So, to get up to speed, I'm LISTENING very carefully to the dialog, that quite frankly, when I was going everyday I would tune out from time to time.  This has helped me tremendously.  In fact, I am making progress that I did not make before, when I was on auto pilot. 
One of my favorite instructors, Lacey, teaches up at Summerlin.  She has eyes in the back of her head.  Seriously.  I think they must install them at teacher training.  I cannot get away with anything when I take her class!  She noticed, right off the bat, that I don't kick out first set of standing head to knee.  Here is my logic on that::  when I do kick out first set, I can't hold it very long.  Then I get super tired from trying to kick out both sets and my bow sucks, so I'll just hold my foot the whole time first set.  Makes sense, right?  (you can laugh, it's ok)
Soo....she started to call me out on it.  "bikramyogachick, kick out!".  EVERYTIME I took her class. So I started to kick out first set all of the time, whether or not she was teaching.  I could hold it a little better each time and eventually I got stronger and was not wiped out by standing bow because my endurance improved by leaps and bounds.  Oh, and on the right side.....can almost get my forehead to my knee.  WOW! 
So thank you Lacey.  For encouraging me to push to my edge and breakthrough my excuses!