Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 28: Sick Yogis

I like to walk around bragging about how I never get sick.  I've been practicing bikram for six years this april and that has been true for the entire time.  Until I started dating Jimmy.  For the second time in the past three months, he picked up a cold and then gave it to me. (Thank you honey).  So instead of being this "super healthy bullet proof sick proof yogini" that I thought I was, I guess I just didn't pick up bugs because I was usually single and had no, ahem, contact with people.  Whatever the case, Jimmy got sick last week, gave it to me and we've been chugging along through our yoga challenge with colds.  This really freaks non yoga people out.  They think it's dangerous to practice hot yoga while sick.  I find it soothing.  For 90 minutes I don't cough.  For 90 minutes my nose doesn't run.  For 90 minutes, I forget I'm sick.  Now I'm on the tail end of the cold and we are also at the tail end of the challenge.  I feel slimmer, stronger, better all around.  I'm so glad Jimmy wanted to do the challenge.  I had forgotten how great an everyday bikram practice makes a body feel!


  1. I agree! In fact, I think it has lessened my cold symptoms even outside of the room. Congratulations to you and Jimmy on being so close to finishing your challenge! I'm just starting my first 30 day challenge and looking forward to reaching Day about 24 more days...

  2. Chelley...good luck on your 30 day challenge! It's so worth it!