Friday, September 23, 2011

The worst class is the one you don't go to

Last night was 5pm with the lovely Lacey.  She warned me via facebook earlier that I would get special "love" in standing head to knee.  She's been working with me on that posture and is hoping I will nail it when I'm in her class someday.  Alas, it was not to be last night.  I kept falling out as soon as I kicked out.  I couldn't balance to save my life.  But I kept getting back in, kept trying.  The class was small for some odd reason, only 11 of us.  We were spread out loosely each enjoying plenty of our own space.  In a way, I prefer a busier class, I think it helps me balance!  All of those yogis holding me up!
I finished class disappointed in my lackluster performance, but as always, grateful that I was there.  I've heard it said "the worst class is the one you don't go to".  I agree wholeheartedly!


  1. Way to keep trying! That's all that really matters at the end of the day!

  2. My wife invited me to a class and now I'm hooked. Great to see you're encouraging others to do Bikram. Feel free to repost our Bikram video review on our blog if you think your readers would enjoy it!