Saturday, September 10, 2011


Who is out there that you affect?  Do you make clothes or art?  Cars?  Is there something you do that affects lives of people you will never meet?  We are all connected, never alone, even when sitting in solitude.  Yesterday I was talking with a friend and he asked me if I had hope.  I looked at him and said "for what?"  He said,  "do you even know what hope means?  It's the expectation of a positive outcome." That floored me and stayed with me the rest of the day and I woke up thinking about hope.  I used to have hope, then for while, it left.  The great thing about the human spirit is that it rebounds.  It is resilient, just as our bodies, minds and even hearts are.  I went to yoga, hopeful.  When I arrived, one of my facebook yoga buddies asked if this was my blog.  She found it five months ago and read it.  She encouraged me to keep writing, in fact she challenged me, with a twinkle in her eye, to post today.  I went into class, thinking about hope, and thinking about affect.  My blog, in some way, affects those I haven't met, and some I have or will.  Perhaps it provided information, encouragement, maybe even....hope.
Class ended up being a nice, juicy, 90 minute moving meditation.  I stretched, pulled, sweated, breathed and listened to Jason lead us through with grace and style.  He has grown so much since coming back from teacher training.  That's one of my favorite things about teacher training time.  Watching fellow yogis leave and then watching their journey, to find their rhythm and style when they return.  It's beautiful. I lay on my mat at the end of class, sated, happy, hopeful and encouraged to dust off this blog and continue my journey with you.