Friday, July 24, 2009

Day 10 without you......

Well folks, it is now offically the longest I have gone without doing Bikram yoga since I started a little over two years ago.
Oh yoga how I miss you. My lonely mat sits in the trunk of the car. My usual spot next to Reggi filled in by somebody else. My mental state not quite as sharp, my emotions not so easily contained (um, just read previous post for embarrasing evidence of that...but I'll leave it there! For when I feel better, I can look back and say, hunh, I guess I was a little bummed that night. I really do need this yoga!), my body getting softer and weaker. How is it possible to start to break down in 10 days what it took over two years to build up?
On the bright side, I have complete faith that once I get back onto that mat in that hot room where I belong, I will once again, just like a new person experience the exponential benefits and improvements right away.
This I do know! Sometime next week I will go back. I'm waiting to get closer to the "two weeks since they stuck cameras and junk in me and grabbed my appendix and yanked it out through my unsuspecting belly button" mark and if my body tells me it's ok to go, I will go. With a HUGE disclaimer to the instructor of course! In case I have to take a knee for most of the brutal standing series. **Gulp. She swallows back a bit of fear**

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