Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 163: Class 150 ~ Studio Challenge!!

Last night was 5:30 with Anastashia. The day before I went to 330 after sitting at the DMV all day. A visiting teacher from Australia was teaching (Judes) and she was amazing. It felt good to be back at my home studio, and also a little strange. I got used to my little Redondo beach studio! I went to that studio every single day while on vacation and got used to the heat, the carpet, the layout of the room, the teachers.
So back to last night. It was my first 530 class after vacation with all of my "regulars". It felt good to sit and shoot the breeze with Reggi, Christian and Karen. Reggi set up our mats to make a Christian sandwich in the front row, on the left, and Karen planted herself in the second row to make a "caboose". The atmosphere was fun, lighthearted and happy. Class was amazing. I felt very strong and aside from my foot cramping up once in fixed firm, I felt great. Anastashia taught a nice class. Perfect heat, perfect tempo...the 90 minutes flew by like a beautiful dream.
I mentioned doing another 30 day challenge in a previous post. Since then I realized the studio is closed on the 9th of course (as all of them are) and I have friends in town two weekends in a row, plus a business trip thrown in the mix. Add to this new information that my studio will start an official challenge sometime in August (Reggi informed me of this last night) and well, it just makes sense to go ahead and wait. So August it is. When I have the date I'll post it so anybody who wants to can join me.


  1. Good, I'm feeling lazy this week...

  2. Dancingj~ well earned by what I read on your blog! Relax and enjoy this week!

  3. My studio is on a 30 day and Im on the 5 week plan. My studio has less classes that yours, I am sure..grrr..:) GOOD LUCK!

  4. BC~ I am lucky, my studio has two yoga rooms and classes every hour on the half hour during the week. Good luck w/ your studio challenge! :)