Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Like Riding a Bike

6pm with Frank. Carmen, Pam and other friends surrounding me and sharing energy. I raised my arms over my head for half moon and sighed into the posture. Ahhhhh. I had two little rough spots (triangle and camel) but overall felt much better in the third class back. I paid attention to form by really listening to the dialog and I felt like I was learning some things all over again....looking at some of the postures with fresh eyes. The skin I was in felt more like mine once more.....the glimpse of my "yoga body" coming back. I always say my "yoga body" is when I just feel so connected and almost lithe during practice.
I'm glad it's all coming back to me so quickly. Just like riding a bike, right? I hope other things are just like riding a bike. I haven't been on a date since last fall. Haven't even flirted or smiled or cast my eyes in any mans direction invitingly since then. Maybe I should try again. I think I'm gonna need some training wheels for that bike!


  1. Overheard the other day:

    Stepson: "Dad I haven't had a girlfriend in 3 months, I might not know how to do when I meet a girl again."
    The spouse: "Son, just be yourself, and you will know what to do when that day comes. Don't worry."

  2. Get back out there girl! You know I just ended a relationship. We were together well over a year. I look back now that my eyes are open and think "why did I stay so long. Why did I allow myself to be treated like that?" At least I am moving on now. And I am so excited to get back out there! To find a wonderful man. Too bad you weren't in Boston we could find a couple of guys and double date! Good luck and don't be afraid. :)

  3. So glad you're getting that "like riding a bike" feeling! The teachers often say it's cumulative... I want to believe that! So glad you're back.

    (I draw inspiration from your post, btw. I was on a cruise to Alaska and haven't practiced in over a week. I exercised at the gym, but man, tomorrow's class will probably hurt.)