Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Official

Today was my fourth class back.  There was a few days lapse between class 3 and 4 mostly due to me savoring this 10 class card.  I didn't want to use it up too quickly.  That's not an issue anymore because today after class I bought three months of yoga.  So I'm officially back as a member who can do unlimited yoga again.  I went to 1pm with George.  He had a Halloween mask on for the first few minutes of teaching then said "forget it, it's too hot!" Dray had taught the 11am and boy oh boy was the room toasty!  I had to really focus on my breath.  My class went OK with the same issues I had the first three classes, with the exception of camel.  I can get into camel, both sets and hold it already.  Making progress feels good!  Now to work on fixed firm.  I really cannot even get my butt down, much less begin to lay back.  It's quite baffling, as I used to ease right into the full expression of that posture and just kind of "hang out". Now it's just complete agony.  It will just take more yoga.  Alot more yoga.
After class, while I was purchasing my three months, Greg from "another version of the truth" blog showed up for the 3pm.  Erika was teaching (in a cute bumble bee costume) and he said she's one of his new favorites.  I used to take her class alot when I was up at the Summerlin studio and she's fantastic.  It was really nice to see Greg, and I think it's awesome that he's doing a bit of studio hopping.  I'm a big fan of that and wish it wasn't so cost prohibitive.  Just imagine if all of the Bikram studios in town were linked and you could go to any if you were an unlimited member at one.  Heaven!  I would be in complete and utter heaven!


  1. I must say, one of my most favorite things about Bikram Yoga Boston is that if you are a member of one studio, then you can practice at all three BYB studios around town. Each hot room feels and looks and heats differently, so even though you're in the same city and with the same teachers and sometimes even the same collection of yogis, you still feel your routine is shaken up nicely. Definitely a treat.

  2. Hannah~ I am totally jealous that you can do that! I must move to Boston, and soon! :)

  3. Wow that's nice about Boston. Wish we had that set up here!