Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 79: Drew, and he did not drop trou

Today was 530 with guest teacher from Ventura, Drew.  No ladies, he did not have any dye leaking wardrobe malfunctions and thus did not drop trou (if you are confused, read yesterday's post!).  He is an awesome teacher and sounds like a cross between an auctioneer and a monk.  I know that sounds strange, but it works for him!  He adds little "drew'isms" to the dialog and they are always something to make you think.  Today a couple of them really hit home with me.  The first was when he said "you come here to practice what you already know...to reclaim your birthright".  This really resonates with me, down to a soul level.  The first time I ever came to Bikram I was miserable and hated it, even had a bad teacher.  I am not the type of person that would have gone back.  But I did, for reasons I cannot understand.  So that really makes sense to me, because I do believe that on some level, deep down where I am not even aware a piece of me knew I had come home, even if my mind and body had no idea that day.  The second one that really got to me was during the floor series, camel.  After first set, we are laying in savasana and he's talking about the benefits of camel, of opening up that heart chakra and letting your emotions out.  He said "when somebody hurts you, you want to crawl in bed, in fetal position.  Don't do that, do camel instead.  Better yet, come do bikram yoga, twice a day three days in a row.  You won't remember his or her name after that.  Then just move on and don't make the same mistake again.  Don't gravitate toward the same sun.  It will burn you again. "  That one punched me in the gut....because I do that.  
The other awesome thing about today's class was the addition of Shelley and Michelle A, both practicing in the front row with Reggi and I.  Michelle goes to the green valley studio and Shelley (see post about 50th bday party, that's Shelley) doesn't always make it to 530 so it's a treat to see her.  After class, Reggi, Michelle, Shelley and I were shooting the breeze in the lobby.  Our energy was high, excitement and energy flowing through our bodies, chattering happily.  Darla (an instructor) had just taken class with us and was about to teach.  She wandered over, fresh yoga clothes on and the headset in her hand, ready to teach 730.  She joined in a conversation that was a bit rowdy.  Reggi loves to say "pass me a cigarette" after a class where a cute male teaches (think: old movies, they smoke after sex).  So she's cutting up, about pass me two cigarettes after Drew's class and commenting on yesterdays class, all of us at some point joining in on the banter, talking, laughing, having a great time.  A man comes out of the yoga room, black shorts, salt and pepper hair and goes straight to Darla, leans into her and whispers:  "your headset is on, we can hear your whole conversation".  All of us stood there, faces frozen, like "what?".  After a moment Michelle A covers her mouth, starts laughing and blushing and Darla just stands there "I don't think we said anything bad!" and all of us just start laughing.  I look at Reggi and say "it's time for me to go home!" and head into the locker room, chuckling at the absolute absurdity that sometimes is our little studio.  Reggi and I think it would all be fodder for a great reality TV show.  I agree, but for sure would not want to be in it!


  1. That is really really funny!!!!! And definitely makes me want to continue on my quest to make some friends at my yoga studio :)

  2. Man, sounds like you guys have WAY too much fun. Love it. And I am definitely giving Drew shit about those shorts the next time I see him... that's just TOO good... don't worry, I'll be nice(ish)...

    J :)