Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 78: an R and M sandwhich....

Today was 530 with Frank.  The hilarity of the regulars prevailed in the lobby and it helped take the sting off my difficult day.  Difficult because my poor daughter has mono of all things!
So Reggi and I were hanging out with two other regulars, Christian and Eddie.   We put our mats down, left of the podium, like this:  Eddie, Reggi, Christian, Me.  We went back out to the lobby and Christian says, "Cool that you two are near's and R and M sandwhich!".  Reggi and I just can you not giggle around Christian, he is about 33, six foot 2 and built like a Calvin Klein underwear model.  So we are all talking and laughing and having a good time and here comes Toni Jo....she was getting out of the class before us (330 pm).  She comes out all jacked up and sweaty and talks about the guest teacher they had.  His name is Drew and he just opened a brand new studio in Ventura Ca (my hometown!!) and had taught at my studio in the past as a guest teacher (I've had him twice) and she is cracking up!  We are like, "what is so funny?"  So she proceeds to tell us how that was the funniest class she has ever had because he bought some shorts from our studio, and as he sweat, the dye was running down his legs.  Ok, if you know Drew Rouse, you know he is an awesome teacher, has studied under Bikram himself and is just  Ok, so the shorts are leaking on him, he is teaching and apparently he said "What is this crap?  The dye is toxic!" And he wrapped a towel around himself, dropped trou and taught the rest of the class with nothing but the towel.  Toni Jo was about rolling on the floor laughing, telling us the story.  And I'm sorry, but she's right.  That is pretty frickin funny...a yoga teacher dropping trou.  Not to mention, like Christian, he is very easy on the eyes.  Hilarious!  So, in light of all of that....I'll just say, I had another very very strong class today, kicking out both sides, both sets of standing head to knee, having a strong standing bow and nailing triangle like crazy both sides.  Ah, love feeling strong!


  1. That is HILARIOUS! I hope he was cute... ;-)

  2. great job- 78 days! i am on 61 of a 101 day challenge.
    :) yoga love to you!

  3. Maggie~ Keep on truckin'! So glad to have some company in this endeavor. love and light back to ya...

    LiLu~ Drew is cute, think "hot musician/yoga instructor/who also does advanced yoga class" I think some of the women in my studio were disappointed to see his young,gorgeous girlfriend waiting for him in the :)

  4. AAAAHAHAHAHAHA... I know Drew (and yes he is a cutie), and that is the funniest thing I've heard all week... I can SO picture that happening... thanks for the laugh!!!