Sunday, September 7, 2008

John Salvatore and a numb arm

Today I went to 1:30 yoga with John Salvatore.  Many of you in the Bikram community may have heard of him (especially if you are a teacher, than you probably had his class at training).  He owns a studio in New York City and is an awesome teacher.  He is in a show here in Vegas right now, so we have the benefit of having him teach once a week.  He's been teaching Sundays at 1:30 and I've been out on the lake and haven't been able to catch one of his classes until today.  Let me just say he is incredible.  His energy is amazing.  He came in the room early just to learn our names and guess what, during the class he was calling out to people left and right...he remembered so many of our names.  I was in standing bow first set, second side and he said "Michelle, that's stunning, now body down more two more inches..."  Wow, that was so cool.  I had a pretty good class up until the floor series.  I drank too much water right before savasana and got nauseous.  I know better!  I had to lay still and skip a few postures.  On top of that, my right arm, especially the hand, went completely numb again.  This has been happening to me the last couple of days.  The first time it happened was right after locust posture a couple of days ago and it stayed numb until well after class.  Same thing today.  I must be working through something right now in my shoulder or arm or something.  Interesting.

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