Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No more washcloth...

Ok, so one of my goals during my 60 day challenge was to stop using the washcloth on certain postures. Sure, I tried that a couple of times. Didn't really work out for me. I kept on using it. Fast forward to this week. I got home Monday from my 20 year reunion at 330 and went to 430 yoga. Forgot my washcloth. Wow. Very good that I did. Let me just tell you, it changed my practice so dramatically that I will never go back. It forced me to stay still, not wipe or rub, to focus and to breathe.
The postures I thought I needed it on (both legs up in wind removing and final spinal) I can get by just fine w/out it.
I recommend to anybody doing bikram to give it a try....it will change your practice completely. Its amazing. It is really just me, the mat and the mirror, no holds barred, w/out that friggin' washcloth. It is good.....do it....

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