Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 136: Class 126~ Conversation Pieces?

Today was 530 with Oksana.  It was a little bit of suffering for me.  Halfway through the class I said to myself "f@#k,  Bikram is HARD!".  When I am doing a challenge and gaining so much strength, I forget just how hard this yoga is.   It's HARD.  I wasn't complaining mind you, just observing and sort of well, appreciating.
On a very very positive note:  My friend Leanna who lives in Redondo Beach, CA is on the brink of getting hooked on this yoga.   After our class Saturday in Redondo (her first ever) she focused those cool blue eyes on me and said "I hate you Michelle".  40 minutes later, she said "I feel pretty good, energized!".  And like I blogged the other day, she went back, all on her own.  I texted her today and she answered back with four other days she plans on going.  She was all excited and said "I attempted every posture and did not sit down!".  Yes!  Another possible Bikram addict.  I LOVE spreading the Bikram habit, it makes me happy!
On a personal note, I have two conversation pieces:  a brand new car and a burn on my forehead.  Both equally interesting and both stirring up alot of questions.


  1. Brand new car? What kind? Is it awesome?

  2. And how did you get a burn on your forehead? Curling iron? I know people ask when you have a big mark on your head. I had a rug burn/bruise from passing out in bow. I still have a little bit of a scar.

  3. Hi Corva! Ok, I was fishing a bit...for somebody to ask..:)
    Brand spanking new Toyota Solara Convertible, dark metallic blue, black top. Kept my old car for my daughter (she gets her permit in 10 months)
    The burn: Saturday night Redondo beach, me, Leanna and a vodka tonic primping to go out. She put eyelashes on me, does my makeup, dries my hair and proceeds to curl it. By the time she gets to that....she has finished said drink and hence the burn! We had a BLAST going out that night though. She does good work! :)

  4. NICE! I love Toyota! I have an 07 Corolla which is also dark metallic blue and I adore it!

    Gaining new converts is such a rush. :) I haven't gotten too many people HOOKED, but I've gotten a couple. I have a friend in NYC who reluctantly started on my advice, and the next thing I knew she was going 5/6 days a week and pulling back to back doubles. Holy shit!!

  5. Big thumbs up on the convertible. I prefer roadsters to having a basically useless back seat. (For me a back seat is simply a big plastic bottle depository.) I drove a Miata for over 10 years. But even so, I'm a sucker for just about any convertible, and the Solara looks really nice.

    All you can take credit for is introducing someone to Bikram. It hooks them on its own. And yes, it is hard.

  6. dancingj: It is a rush, especially since most people I've dragged to yoga never go back. So when somebody takes to it, I get excited for them. Awesome about your NYC friend!
    Duffy: I've been sniffing around the solara for months now, it just reeled me in, I knew it was my car the first time I test drove it. It's my first convertible! Exciting stuff!
    And yes, Bikram hooks us all by's wonderful how that happens.

  7. I can't even count the number of times I've burned myself with the curling iron. Ouuuuch.

    Congrats on the new set of wheels! Wahooo, that's fun.

  8. Hannah~ I know huh, but most of the burns were when I was a teen, not a 38 year old woman! Too funny! Wahoooo, driving with the top down is great! :)=

  9. Wow. I am so jealous. Always wanted a convertible.

    I've sort of stopped bringing people to Bikram because they always think I'm crazy. Not one friend has gotten hooked.

    Love, love, love the Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beach area!! I lived there for 6 years when I was in my 20's. Hermosa was my favorite cause it's got such a small town feel to it.

  10. Ellen~ Then you probably know this crazy bar my friend dragged me to in Hermosa....Union Cattle. It was fun! :)

  11. Haven't lived in that area for 15 years or so, but I absolutely do know the bar you speak of. ;))