Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 147: Class 135 & 136~Save the drama for your mama

Yes! I did it!  A back to back double that did not feel like a slow painful death and had no yoga drama!  I sat out one set of camel and briefly put my arms down in half moon (second class of course) but other than that I survived and actually felt pretty damn good when I left the studio.
I took 1130 am with Connie, followed by 130 with Frank.  Pam showed up for both and we practiced near each other the whole time.  Dominique rolled in for 130 with Frank and my good friend Shelley showed up for Franks class as well.  Shelley set up right next to me and gave me smiles, pats on the arm (in full locust) and encouraging eyes in the mirror the whole time.  It really helped.  Plus looking over at Pam and seeing her so calm, so focused, looking like she was on her first class helped as well.  I had a zico during the 30 min break between the classes and put some ionic fizz into my water for the second class.  Aside from a bit of cramping in my back during spine series second class, I did fairly well and had no major foot cramps which is usually my problem.
Pam is doing doubles for 5 days in a row.  Today was day 3 for her.  She will be doing 530 and 730 tomorrow night.  Argh.  I didn't commit to doing the next two days with her but I must confess I'm toying with the idea.  We'll see.  I'll throw two yoga outfits in my bag just in case.
Oh, and I'm fit for human consumption again.  Well at least for family and old family friends.  I went to a bbq this afternoon with my parents after my double and swam, ate, relaxed and enjoyed being around people I've known since I was little.  It was good for my soul after the week I had last week.  


  1. Yeeaaaah... and that's how we're gonna roll all summer, baby! (I had some great classes too.)

  2. DOUBLES everyday?? Wow, I wish I could just even do Bikram Yoga for one week straight. Great job!

    - A

  3. Yep, usually you just need to snap out of the funks all on your own good time. I am a big proponent of weekends spent laying low, refueling body and mind, and practicing a LOT of yoga. Bravo.

    Happy to hear you've re-entered society. :)

  4. dancingj~ oh yeah, roll with doubles we will! I'm liking the doubles, I feel like I'm "stepping it up" a notch!

    jiggaroo~ how about a week straight of doubles! that would be fun! :)

    hannah~oh, yes, funks go away in their own time. Like I read in your blog, I suffer the same affliction of thoughts of "him" haunting me. Funny, the relationship was short in time but intense in feelings and I just can't shake thoughts of him just yet. I should have by now so I get angry at myself. That's ok, lots of yoga, and more time and the funk will dissapate all on it's own, this I know from experience. Oh, and yes, I am slowly re-entering society. I have my first date since the breakup with him, this week. EEEKK! Help! **feet dragging, me kicking and screaming**

  5. I will have you know I am about to get on my Wii Fit and do some Nintendo yoga...

    And it's all your fault. ;-)

  6. LiLu~ I can see it now...your new blog title: LivitLuvit: The 60 day wii yoga challenge
    Hee hee!