Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 146: Class 133 & 134~ Not fit for human consumption....

That's the phrase that came into my mind on Friday.  Me, I wasn't fit for human consumption.  I've been walking around in a complete daze all week, still smarting from pulling the duck tape disguised as a leaf off.  My friends all hoping I'd snap out of it.  I didn't.  I couldn't.  It hit me harder than I expected.  So, taking stock of myself on Friday I just decided that I was indeed unfit for human consumption and promptly cancelled all weekend plans.  Last night was yoga at 5:30 with Dominique and today I did a split double.  After all, I'm the one who walks around bragging that yoga can and will fix everything, if you let it.  So I'm trying to "let it".  
This morning was 9:30 am with Oksana.  Aside from a stiff back (hey, who installed an iron rod where my back used to be?) from sleeping for TEN hours last night (Ok, I DO need to snap out of this!) my practice went fairly well.  I did some errands, ate a light lunch of a nice green salad, drank smart water and came back for 3:30 with Dominique.  I had another good class and the iron rod was gone, replaced with a supple spine again.   (thank goodness!).  Another yogi, Pam was there again (she was at 530 last night) getting ready to do her second class on a back to back double.  After talking to her a bit, I discovered she stayed for the 730 last night and is going to do another double again tomorrow.  I ran to the front desk, came back with the schedule of teachers for tomorrow and we scrutinized it carefully, very scientifically picking the best (easiest) combo for a back to back tomorrow.  We decided on 1130 with Connie, followed by 130 with Frank (oh dear God, what did I just get myself into??) and Dominique excitedly said she would join us as she is not teaching tomorrow and would like to do a double as well.  This is the only way I'll go do the back to back....if left to my own devices, I RUN from the back to backs as I am always a mess that second class.  I'm just really going to try to remember that the first class is a warm up tomorrow and not do a "regular" class.  I think that was my problem last time.  (I hope).
Well it's 530ish on a Saturday night.  I sit here listening to the washing machine downstairs, body tingling deliciously from 3 hours of yoga, house nice and clean, plans for the night cancelled.  What to do next?  I think I'll strap on the 'ol ipod and go outside and wash a car.  No reason to waste all of this energy (what? energy after 3 hours of yoga!! This is great!).
Be back tomorrow with a full report on my back to back double, which will hopefully not be filled with yoga drama, me laying down, moaning, throwing up,  cramping up get the picture.


  1. Good for you for working so hard! I had a crap class today too. We're round to have them, no matter how much we practice.

  2. Missus~ Good, bad, indifferent, it's "different" every day. I guess that's why we don't get tired of doing the same 26 postures over and over. LOVE this yoga. Hope you blog about your teacher training! So excited for you!

  3. Sorry that disguised tape left a sore spot... Your new profile pic is hot!

    Have a good double.

  4. Good for you! Practice what you preach! Put your body where your mouth is!! Sounds like you're doing an awesome job right now. I'm always reminding myself of that, too. Hope the yoga pulls you out of your head and out of your rut. I think that it does often work once you get to class... the hard part is just getting to class!

    And P.S. I'm doing 10 and noon today - solidarity!

  5. CJ~ ah, thanks! The pic was taken on my friends balcony in Redondo beach two weeks ago. good times! :)
    Dancingj~ you're doing a double too! I LOVE it! I'm sitting here drinking water and trying to mentally gear myself up. I'm kind of excited about it. I guess because I have two others joining me. You'll be done before us, so think about us and send us energy!