Friday, October 9, 2009

Mei Update: Operation Successful, patient is dead (not Mei!)

Hi there! For those of you that were reading Mei's blog (and are missing her) I will give you a little Mei update.
From her tweets, it sounds like they have fixed the heaters (finally)
'operation successful! Patient is DEAD!'-bikram after class.5 casualties today,3 of them young strapping men. #bktt
Casualties=people dehydrating,cramping,crying. Evening off cause we've been good #bktt trainees. :) time to SLEEP.

And as you can see, she has not lost her sense of humor at all:
Delivered dialogue today:)You know it,s time to grow ur hair out when bikram HIMSELF thought you were a boy.Lolol #bktt
Yeah growing my hair out cause people think my roommate and i are a couple. #bktt

I love that kid. I'm picking her and her roommate up Sunday morning and taking them down to the yoga regional championships with me and my daughter. I have to tell you, I'm so excited to go down there and see the wonderful yogi's and yogini's from the Las Vegas studios represent! AND I'll be happy to see Mei again! I'm so glad the weekend is here! Pictures....I promise!


  1. Hehe - I LOVE when he says that. Thanks for the updates. :)

  2. Thanks for helping take care of her! Man! THe Bikram yoga community is just awesome!

  3. J~Missus~ Yes, the Bikram community rocks! Post with yoga champ pics to follow soon. I've got to get the time to upload all the pics. Blogspot sucks for that. It's kludgey to say the least.