Monday, October 5, 2009

Teacher Training Fall 2009: Fun with Mei

Well Mei made it here safe and sound for teacher training. I felt terrible because she landed in Vegas, exhausted from traveling around the world and landed in absolute chaos in my household. Between putting my cat down (no, he did not make it, thanks for all of the well wishes though, I could feel the e-hugs!!), having a sick daughter and the death of a childhood family friend, it was enough to scare anybody away. Mei took it all in stride with grace and kindness. She even made homemade chicken soup for my daughter. Ya, she just rocks I'm tellin' ya! Read her blog, you'll see! She's funny too. Here are some of her tweets so far since I've dropped her off at training:
Some pretty cute guys here,but we're all sworn to celibacy. No f'y-f'y everyone! #bktt
Noisy sex couples don't stay at @lasvegashilton cause the walls are thin. Also got anatomy book today,feel like i'm in med school. #bktt
Can't believe there's a couple going to #bktt together,plus they're overly pda.Good luck!Still no free wifi,so updates will b sporadic.

Um, one of those tweets had a cuss word in it, so I edited it, but you get my drift.

Before she left, I took her to three classes at my studio:
Lacey, Brooke, and Brandy. Here we are nice and sweaty after Brooke's class (Mei, Me, Brooke)

We also went to redrock canyon and attempted yoga postures while we were there (yes, we are dorks. Dancing J~ I know you would have done it with us!!!)
Her balancing stick:

My **attempt** at a balancing stick: (it's hard to do yoga w/out being in the hot room! Being cold, in jeans with rocks under your feet sucks!!) **ahem. of course she doesn't have that problem. Ya.....that's why she's in training right now and not me. he he**

Teacher yells with Brazilian accent: body down Michelle, left hip down!
Actually, I think I fell over right after Mei snapped the picture. You should have seen us trying to do standing bow! Forget it! I have a new appreciation for the gorgeous pics Dancing J has of herself doing standing bow during a hike recently. Really. It's hard.

Well, I will be going down to take class with the trainees probably in the next week or two. I will for sure write a post and also snap some pics of the big white tent and hopefully the inside as well. Stay tuned!


  1. Yay! I missed you! Hehe. The pics are awesome!! (FB them??) Your balancing sticks both look equally great, I dunno WHAT you're talking about. Your body might be a TINY bit high, but then so is her leg, if you MUST nitpick. Aaaaand, I only pulled off the standing bow pics cause I was in my shorts, so there. :)

    More later!! xoxo

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! It is a great picture!

  3. ~ah, thanks you two! It was hilarious when we were attempting standing bow. The jeans pretty much said "NO!" :)

  4. LiLu~ takes party tricks to a whole 'nother level now doesn't it? :)