Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not as much yoga and a Mei update...

Well, when I finished my 63 days in a row I thought I would continue on doing my normal 5 or 6 times a week. That hasn't happened. I've had my daughter 3 weeks this month and have been "taxi cab" mom. So my yoga practice has waned down to 4 times a week. Not my normal 5 or 6. This has actually been good for me in many many ways. **gasp! the crazy challenge chick is cutting back a bit!!** Yes, I have lightened up considerably. Here's the rub: My daughter is growing up fast, will be an adult in just 3 short years! I don't want to miss one single second of that! So I have appreciated the time with her, and the four days a week I could get in the hot room, I appreciated the heck out of those too. Add to that some "challenges" (see: appendix out, cat dying, water heater taking a crap and two friends dying) and you'll understand why I am so content to just enjoy and breathe right now.
So tonight, after a two day reprieve (my daughters 15th bday!!) I went to 530 with Goril. She is my age and is from a different country, but I can't place her accent. The room was not very hot (it just got pretty cold here, and the studio owner said it's been hard to heat the room the past two days) but it was humid enough to get our juices flowing. Regular Mark was next to me and I fed off his energy in the front row. I felt so strong and did not even get winded at all. It was one of those classes where you feel a bit like superwoman. Perhaps the days of rest are good after all!

Mei Update:
Internet access down at teacher training = sucks. So, the few people that are blogging, are doing so sporadically. Mei has been updating her page every weekend, but what about during the week? How is she doing? I'm going down to teacher training to find out in person this Saturday morning and taking the 8am class with the trainees again. In the meantime, thanks to this little site called twitter** we can get a "glimpse" into her training experience. Here are some of her more amusing "tweets".

Enjoy! (listed from most recent tweet to oldest)

Men are a combination of 3 animals, dog, pig and goat. Women need english bulldog determination n tiger strength to put up with them.

Party rule- everyone must eat at least 5 slices of pizza or it,s a make up class on saturday morning. Ok, time for bed at 1am. #bktt

Party getting wild. Yes, i'm still at yoga camp! #bktt no alcohol or drugs involved

Bikram said for the first time he misses trainees! So he's buying all of us pizza tonight :) #bktt

So bleeding cold my nipples are about to fall off. No kidding! Lecture tonight, movies galore!

Hate shaving my legs! Managed to cut myself many times doing this ritual. Will stick to waxing and epilation ...

No i didn't make it to hooters cause @nthooi stood me up. It's a sign, i'm not meant to go check out a titty bar in vegas.

F*@k dehydration. Stupid period causing dehydration. Roar! I hate you ovum! Add gas and constipation and lethargy and you've got a mei day

Chinese food isn't the same here :( i miss home cooked food. Been eating cold sandwiches the whole week. #bktt

Dehydrated like a donkey n couldn't feel face again. Props to Tu for the coke with salt and kicking my sorry ass back to class. #bktt

Must. Keep. Breathing. Even. Though. Model. Is. Sitting. Next. To. Me. Gasp! #bktt

Hottest temp recorded was 144f. That's 62c nz friends. F*@k me like a roasted donkey. Boss comes back, so it,s late night movies, groan.

Snore. My bed is so comfy. Must get up and out. Zzz. Oh it,s friday! Meeting up @nthooi for lunch tomorrow and hitting up hooters after.

Practicing behind a guy who looks like a calvin klein model tested my concentration,especially since he was wearing tiger print shorts 2day.

He touched my butt and i his nipple ring and sweaty stomach. This is #bktt where you feel people up in a hot room. And yes, it,s legal ;)

That time of the month beckons. Cue dehydration maximus n sleeping during anatomy. Gotta love being a woman. #bktt

Awkward all 3 parts done! Ok need to speak slower, but er, malaysians speak fast. Very fast. #bktt

**Twitter is so very strange! It's like a stream of consciousness! For those of you new to twitter, the #bktt is just a tag, it means she is talking about bktt which is a shortened way of saying bikram teacher training. It's so people can search "tweets" from anybody on a specific topic. If you see the @ sign, that means what comes after it is another twitter "user" that she is either replying to or referring to. Oh, and the "f" word has been edited here on my site so I don't get flagged for adult content. ;)


  1. Nice tweets from Mei. R u on Twitter? I am, under DJPrograms. If you go there and follow me and send a direct message, I can give you real contact info, since I won't put my contact info up on a blog.


  2. Hi Greg~ yes, I'm on twitter so I can follow Mei's tweets. I'm not much of a tweeter myself. :) I "followed" you. Bikramyogachick is my twitter name.

  3. Funny, my month has been the same way (though for different reasons)! This month was the least I've practiced since... gosh... maybe August 2007?! And yet it all works out!

    Btw, that hit counter that you sent me? DUDE. Gold mine. I'm so addicted to it now. So many visitors coming to see me!! EEeeee!! If I had money I'd totally upgrade so I could see the map of ALL my visitors instead of the last 10... but that map alone is super awesome. I keep seeing people from Cali and New England, but also from Canada, the midwest, and India!

  4. J~ ah yes, it is awesome to see spots all over the world on that counter map! Just goes to show, Bikram is Bikram no matter where you practice! I can't wait to be a traveling teacher someday! :)

  5. Oooo. Hahaha! Following now...

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