Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Taste of TT and Hair on Fire

Today I went up to my studio for 1pm with a special guest teacher. Dominic, who is on staff at teacher training was going to teach. Two years ago, Dom was passing through town (he is from London) and stayed for a couple of months. He taught at my old studio while he was here. I loved his classes and the thing I remember most about him was his insistence that we do not fidget, wipe or scratch during savasana. Today was no different. He was still insistent that we stay disciplined. There were no newbies in the class today so he proceeded to give us quite a run for our money. There were quite a few instructors in the room and I went over to the other side of the room to be near one of them, an awesome teacher named Noel who just graduated last fall. I'm not normally on that side and I think it's about 20 degrees hotter over there! I was standing under a heater in what was already a hot hot class. Oh vey! We were all dripping like crazy already after breathing! The energy in the room was very focused though and I hung onto that as best as I could while the heater blasted my ponytail. I actually did feel like my hair was on fire, and not figuratively this time!
Before class I had walked up to Dom and said "you probably don't remember me but I took your class several times when you taught at the rainbow studio two years ago". His face lit up and he said "I do remember you!" I said "wow you look great, what did you do?" He said (in his adorable english accent) "Ate less!" Ya, that's Dom. So down to earth so awesome! It's easy to see why the trainees were chanting his name when they were thanking the staff last fall.
I was planning to go take class tomorrow night with the trainees but I found out Bikram is out of town for the next ten days. Darn! I have taken class down there already (last fall) and what I really want is the experience of Bikram himself teaching. I think I will wait!


  1. I love Dom! Had him for my posture clinic this Friday. There's no Bikram this week, but we WILL have EMMY. Dunno whether she's teaching morning or evening classes, but her class is DEFINITELY one to Not Miss. You practice with us for free anyway, right?! :)

  2. Enjoy... Classes with Emmy - so precise. Classes with the boss... so high energy! Woo hoo!