Monday, May 17, 2010

Yoga tricks and a Sandwich

Tonight was 6pm with Dray. Mark and Tommie, my two yoga bff's made a Michelle sandwich with me in the front row. As we walked in to put our mats down we gasped. Yup. It was smokin' hot! It actually felt good in an odd "oh, I'm in for it!" way. I must be a masochist. Tommie set up to the right of me and actually ended up directly under a heater. He looked up at the vent with dread and then stepped toward the back of his mat, away from it. The expression on his face was funny. Trying not to giggle, I look over to Mark on my left. His face was not very happy either. He had been trying to demonstrate a posture to friends the night before and pulled something in his leg. While regaling us with this tale in the lobby before class Dray overheard and got a big smile on his face..."No yoga tricks!" he exclaimed, promising to tell us his yoga trick story during class. True to his word, he told us the story towards the end. He was with some friends and decided to demonstrate toe stand, completely cold, not stretched or warmed up at all. When he got down into the posture he head a very loud pop! He ended up hurting his knee so badly that he was limping around for two months. So the moral of the story boys and girls is bring your friends to class if you'd like them to see your awesome postures!


  1. Oooh. Or, moral of the story, don't demo poses for your friends as you might injure yourself!

  2. this is why i have decided i need some posture pictures! so i can prove, without injuring myself, that i really am a bonafide yogi now, heehee. because unfortunately some people will never come to class (usually the people who desperately need it the most).

    also, i love being surrounded by my buddies in class. especially when i know it's going to be a tough class. it feels like we're all about to march into battle together! ;-p

  3. Yeah, I think we've all tried to demonstrate postures for people outside of class! I stick to simple things, like twisting my arms around in Eagle. That usually impressive enough to most people. If you want to do a nice party trick, just show them that, and she who can do it. I've yet to meet a non-yogi guy who can do it. But things like Standing Bow and Standing Head to Knee - forget it:) Only in the hot room!

  4. I've tried to demonstrate Standing Bow while wearing heels and sipping on my third glass of wine. Not a good idea! LOL.
    But what can you do? Sometimes the ego sets in and you really want to show people what you can do! :)