Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 2: Camel-a-thon

Last night was 6pm with Dray.  When I got into the room, I knelt down on my mat and thought "holy mother of God it's hot I should take off this tank top but I can't oh my god I'm going to die it's so freakin' hot".  If I'm thinking that then you know it's hot, because in general I love the heat and am rarely bothered by it.  Dray taught his usual high energy amazing class.  Where does he get all of his energy?  The class was pretty full and we all just powered through, breathing, sweating, working as a unit.  You could really feel the group energy.  We got to camel and a girl stayed in after the first set while we were in savasana.  She kept staying in there through the second set and came out with us at the end.  All total she had to be in camel for three or four minutes because the first set he had us in there for a minute.  I've seen other yogis do this.  I can only imagine how intense it is.  I was spent after being in there for just one minute!  So of course now I want to try this sometime (are you surprised?).  Dray is teaching again tonight.  I guess I better brace myself for another hot and high energy class.

**a note on running:  some of you may have seen a few posts and even another blog briefly regarding me training for a half marathon.  To make a long story short: I'm not sure I will be able to do it.  The running brought back a knee injury from running cross country in high school.  This was a knee injury that I healed by my bikram practice two years ago.  I still am trying to run but it's hurting pretty bad.  This is why I've decided to do alot of yoga, to see if I can counteract this injury and keep training.  So far it's getting worse not better, but then I just started the yoga last week.  So we'll see.  I deleted the running blog because it just wasn't as fun to write about running.  Perhaps it's the missing "social aspect".  Sometimes funny things happen in that hot room and makes for good blog fodder.  Running by yourself, well....not so much.


  1. I'm glad you're back with us!! Yeah, i guess there is probably more to discuss with the yoga than the running. Running would just be like, "Here I am, moving in a forward directions... yep, still doing it... going down a hill... going up a hill... still going.... ouch... and done." Hehe. Enjoy your yoga tonight! xoxo J

  2. I can really hear in your writing that you are so happy to be back on your mat.

  3. I used to hate running... But the thing I can appreciate about it is the fact that you have to have breath control during the whole time... just like yoga!
    I do a lot of HIIT training with running between my weight sets.. And I start missing it if I only do yoga... and I start missing yoga if I only run and lift.. I think its awesome that you're using the yoga to supplement your running!

  4. Honestly, when I saw that you are switching from Bikram to running, I thought "Oh Boy, that´s not good..." and I was curious to read about your journey so I followed your posts on the other blog. Not surprised that you came back to Bikram! Welcome back! To me some 15 years regular running put so much pressure on my knees that I still feel some postures in Bikram being very intense on them. But it´s a slow healing process and I believe that my knees and tendons will eventually get better. Oh yes, running is soooo isolated. No collective energy, no buzz. Only you and the road/track. It may work for some people, me, I couldn´t go back to it.
    Again, welcome back! :)

  5. omg, i would love to try a camel-a-thon sometime! i <3 camel. but they tend to scold people at my studio who don't take savasana, or who take too long to get out of a posture. and i get why, but i would just like to try this at least once. :(