Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 4: A full house

Last night was 6pm with Dray again.  Third night in a row with the fabulous Dr. Dray!  The room was packed, about 50 students with at least 8 of them being first timers.  I was in the second row and ended up being asked to move to front to accomodate some late comers.  I did and wound up next to one of the regulars.  She had read my blog post about the camel-a-thon and decided to try it.  She did great!  Rocked it out.  I happened to be flat on my back for camel so I kept glancing over.  It was her first time staying in both sets but it sure didn't look like it.  She was very calm and very strong.  Speaking of flat on my back, I sat out triangle, couldn't stay in for standing head to knee at all, had a weak standing bow and suffered during locust and fixed firm.  Oh vey, the yoga truck got me.....again!

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  1. I tried the camel-a-thon on Friday... And man it was crazy! I was losing circulation in my arms close to the end and my back was silly-sore on Saturday but it was pretty amazing once I got into Savasana. So cool! :)