Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 14: I can't hear a word you are saying

Yesterday's class was brutal.  It was day 14.  Jimmy and I went to the 530 class.  I thought I had enough water in me.  We were at the hotter studio in town.  I thought I was used to the heat in that studio by now.
I thought the teacher was keeping us in postures forever, yet we finished 3 minutes early.  By the time I got to the floor I was a wreck.  I couldn't stay in the postures during spine series and camel about killed me.  Pushing my hips forward for camel just felt like too much.  Like I would crack open my chest and just vomit as soon as I came out.  I was restless, noisy and not a disciplined practioner like I usually am.  I was lucky to make it through class and get out alive.
Sitting on the bench after class, talking to Jimmy, I just looked at him and said "I can't hear you, my ears are plugged for some reason".  He just laughed and said "you are dehydrated".
Day 15, please be a good class! 

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