Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 62: Body Changes

Today I did my Baptiste/Bikram double.
Baptiste was at 4:30 and it was packed...mat to mat, sardine style. Reggi was there and fellow blogger Dorothy. They were both in the front (I was in the very back of course, so I can see what the heck is going on) and have both done Baptiste quite a bit. I have seen changes in both of their bodies, the upper body especially....they keep getting leaner and more toned. Zeek was amazing as usual and I tried my best again. There are many things I will need to work up to and many things where I am already strong from Bikram. For example, I didn't even attempt crow, I just watched Reggi and Dorothy both do it, however, during the spine series there is a modification on floor bow second set where you grab at the ankles, flex your feet and make a U, a next step up modification and I can do that one quite nicely. My spine is very flexible on the back bending (side bending, not so much "I hate you half moon!"). I can really see how Baptiste will be a perfect compliment to Bikram. I'm thinking two Baptiste, five Bikram a week after the challenge at first. The Bikram helps me with the soreness from Baptiste. It also helps me re-align when I do something wrong in Baptiste (i.e: my right shoulder hurts a bit, I guess I messed up downward dog tonight)
Bikram at 7:30: I was a bit nervous going in because I must confess, my body was feeling TIRED. I have done alot of yoga in the past week and a half! A double last Tues, Fri, Sun and today. Two Bikram/Bikram doubles and two Baptiste/Bikram doubles. My poor 30 pounds overweight body was going "are you f*ing kidding me right now!!!" as I walked in to set up my mat for Bikram with Roberta. My fear was for nothing. The class was tough for me, being so tired, but I just kept going back to my breath and I made it through ok. There was an entertaining new person behind me and that helped. She was blond, tan, perfect body, pink yoga outfit, pink in her hair, pink fingernails, puffed up lips, purchased girls. Usually the gals with nice figures are either dancers or they work out alot so they normally do pretty well their first class. I don't think she was athletic in the least bit. Must be genetics. This girl was lunging and lurching and going full boar into the fullest expression of the posture with knees bent, arms bent, face contorted, breath racing, 100 percent wrong, then would fall to her knees. She did this the entire standing series and then left on the spine series. I have to hand it to her, the enthusiasm was off the charts and I hope she comes back. I tried to set a good example for her but she kept looking at Roberta...who of course is not doing the postures. After class, in the locker room, the girl that was next to me in the front row said "you have some great postures". My eyes got a bit wide (because she does too!) and I thanked her. Nice to hear a compliment like that when I was dying inside, all tired from doing crazy yoga doubles.
Then the icing on the cake: on the way out I was chatting with Roberta, telling her how much I will miss her (she is moving away next week) and that because of her pushing me, I am further along in my standing head to knee. She said "Michelle, you're standing head to knee is much better, but more importantly I can see your body is starting to change, from your challenge".
Day 60 thru 90....our bodies will change. It's starting.......


  1. Way to go! I had to miss again today as I had to teach the class I was going to take, my third class in a day. Nothing left in the tank. Now I'm four behind. Need some of your double power!

  2. you know, i have never done a double. i think it's time for me to try it!

  3. Compliments from people who know your practice are the BEST! They're the ones who really testify to your progress. Isn't it interesting who does well on the first day and who doesn't... sometimes you can't tell at all! Yoga denies those expectations.

  4. It's so wonderful when you hear a compliment from someone you admire.

    Good for you on all the yoga! And noticing the changes in your body.

  5. Ooh way to go! I am so in awe of your ability to do doubles. In some way, for me they are the final frontier. I'm thinking about doing my first one on Saturday morning.

    Compliments from your teacher are the very best and you are earning every single one!

    Go baby go!

  6. Thank you for motivating me to start on my doubles! You are rad =) "Purchased girls" is pretty rad too haha

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  8. hahaha have you checked to see if Baptistechick is taken ;) Looks like you are getting hooked M. I love both too!! Since Bikram's advanced series is not avail to me yet, I can practice some of the advanced asanas (like crow) in Baptite class :)

    Sorry about the previous delete - there was some weird spacing issue, like 5 paragraphs long, sorry

  9. Lynx~ wonder twin powers activate, form of "double power!!"
    bikramyogicheryl~ :)
    lady~first time it's a good idea to split them up. back to back is pretty tough! good luck!!
    Yolk~ you really can't tell. It's interesting!
    G~ i know you get lots of compliments, you're a machine! :)
    lady j~ yes, it is good!
    Prodigal~ let us know how it goes! Blog entry please!
    Jen~ rad, haven't heard that in awhile! that's awesome! ya, I didn't quite know how to say that in a pc way. lol
    cirita~ exactly! I've been wanting to go to advanced, but they only invite you here if you are a teacher or a competitor!