Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 74: Busy Little Blog

Today was 5:30 up at the old studio with Frank. I wanted to go back up to Westside, but Ashley was coming with me and she was afraid it would be too hot up there. He he. Once we arrived Reggi, Ray, Christian and a bunch of other regulars were there in full force. It turned out to be fun. The class was packed, hot and humid and took alot out of me. I felt strong during the standing series and then started to lose it on the floor. It took all I had to stay in the room and finish. My mind went terribly downhill after spine series. Well, at least I made it!

Sooo. You might be wondering what my little picture over on the right side is. Remember when I went to Tempe last week on business and wrote a post about my visit to the studio there? Well, some students from the studio saw my post and let the director know. She included a little blurb in her March newsletter about it! I was added onto the mailing list due to my visit last week, so imagine my surprise when I opened their newsletter and saw the article! I guess my little blog has been a bit busy!!
It's hard to read so here is basically what it says:
Don, BYT teacher spotted on the web!
This excerpt was taken from a blog by bikramyogachick who visited our studio this week.... (The rest is an excerpt from my post). **click to enlarge the pic. See, I was right about the smile!**
So exciting! I just want to take a moment to give a HUGE shout out to Bikram Yoga Tempe students! You guys are awesome! The studio has a great vibe, nice energy, and some awesome Bikram practitioners. In fact, Don had the gal next to me demo standing bow for us. She was amazing. My company has offices in Phoenix so I will be sure to come visit you guys again next time I am there!


  1. That's awesome! And yes, nice smile!!

    I also like your new yoga cat picture! :)

  2. I love it! Nice smile for sure!

  3. Cheryl~ the cat rocks! His half moon is better than mine!
    G~ I wish! :)
    Jen~ He was a very good teacher! The smile was awesome!

  4. The Yoga Cat poster is hilarious! And look at you! You're FAMOUS!

  5. WOW. This is the first article I’ve read since finding this site…and what an article!!! I’m hooked.