Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 69: Summerlin is calling....

Today was one of those days where my arms and legs felt like cement blocks. My left wrist hurts like hell, I can't even make a fist (thank you Power Flow yoga) and my hamstrings are tight. Every movement in Dominiques high energy 530 class at the old studio proved to be agony. By the time an hour had passed, I was ready to throw in the towel. I gave the clock the hairy eyeball the last 30 minutes, cursing the low heat. Today was a day I could've used a nice hot class to get my cinderblock arms and legs loosened up. I haven't been to summerlin since late last week. It's time to head back up there. I miss that hot hot room with the hardcore Bikram instructors.


  1. M, where did you get the "hairy eyeball" reference? My ex, an Israeli, used to say that, but I thought he was just making his own shit up. Is that really a saying? Heh heh heh.

  2. YOU HAVE A CLOCK IN YOUR STUDIO?! Wow. I can't imagine having such a distraction in the room. I only know when I am by where we are in the series.

    It seemed a bit cooler in our room the other night as well. And while I enjoyed the temperature, I don't think my back did. It hurt so badly yesterday that I didn't even attempt class {I'm a 60-Day Weenie} but I'm eager to get back there tonight and let the heat fix me up.

    Hope Summerlin treats you right tonight!

  3. Yolk~ I have known that saying for quite some time now but I don't remember where i first heard it!
    PY~ I know, they should remove the clock!

  4. There's a clock in Green Valley too! I'm not really sure how this is a distraction. It doesn't matter what the clock says, you're still going to do 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises!

  5. A clock would definitely distract me too!
    My right wrist is killing me today. I can't figure out if it was something in yoga, or all the mousing I do at work.

    Hope Summerlin is nice and hot for you tonight!

  6. There is a clock in my class too. Not a distraction at all. When my mind is wondering around, I count the number of postures left instead :( Hope your next class is super HOT. I am looking forward to a warm one ( even though I normally like it hot)