Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 73: A yoga party, A new studio and A double

Last night I went to a yoga party at the Green Valley studio. It was a potluck with Dray and George (both instructors) spinning some cool tunes and also some live music by a student. They did a yoga fashion show and everybody had a great time. My daughter came with me and was a good sport about being at a yoga party with mom. I got to hang out with blogger Greg and I got to meet blogger Cat in person finally.
Today I took the 1pm class up at.....wait for it......BIKRAM YOGA WESTSIDE. The Las Vegas Bikram community has undergone alot of studio drama this past year, so even though I knew this new studio was going to open, I haven't been blogging about it. It's actually the Red Rock studio location re-opened under new ownership. The first week of yoga is free (starting today) so if you live in Vegas, come take some classes! Dray taught and oh how I have missed him! It was hot, humid and full of wonderful energy. The class was tough, I got my ass handed to me! To celebrate the grand opening they had a table with zico and fruit for after class. I drank some zico like I was going to die if I couldn't get it down fast enough.
After running some errands with my daughter, I convinced her to come to the 7:30 at the old studio with me since she opted out of the 1pm. She acquiesced and I dragged her to tall, dark and handsome's class. He had great energy tonight and was quite funny as well. The room felt pretty hot and humid when I walked in. I had to really focus on my breath to make it through and by fixed firm I ended up consuming a 1/2 liter of water already. I guess I was still not replenished from the 1pm class.
Two more doubles to do and I'll be caught up with you all! Funny thing is, I've done 74 hot yoga classes in 73 days but I can't count the power flow/Baptiste so I've got to get the Bikram classes caught up. I have promised myself to make them up before I hit the 90 day mark so I can coast through the last 11 days and not be stressed.
Hope you all had a good (albeit one hour shorter) weekend!

New studio! Dray getting ready to teach. I'm in the Green Top and the guy smiling directly at the camera is the new owner.


  1. heeeey, so happy for you!! I knew they were going to open a new BY studio sooner or later. It's Las Vegas babe!! Nice!!!

  2. I had heard red Rock was going to re-open but couldn't figure out the details of it. Figured it wasn't my town so no use worrying my little head with it. Good for you though, more choice more merriment.

  3. Thanks for your info. I really enjoy this post. It's Las Vegas babe!! Nice!!!


  4. Funny thing is I looked at the studio listing yesterday and as I scrolled it stopped on Las Vegas and I read that the Red Rock Studio was re-opening.

    Funny coincidence!

  5. A week of free yoga?? That is a deal if I ever heard one!

  6. so glad they finally opened again! too bad I am moving :/ Do you know of any Bikram studios in Reno? Love your blog!

  7. cirita~ you can come check it out when you visit! :)
    Johan~ so nice because it's like 2.5 miles from my house!
    shilpaworld~i know, right?!
    ahappyyogi~ it's so nice to have options. I DO know how lucky I am!
    Hannah~ I was glad they did that. It's a nice way to build some confidence in the new owner.
    Edan~yup, bikram is in reno! and thanks!!

  8. Yay! A Bikram yoga party. Our studio is considering having one for their two-year anniversary--I hope that happens.

    Hey, do you ever practice at the LV studio closest to the Strip? I'm gonna be at the Rio for a conference next month...

  9. Yolk E~ If you are referring to the one that was on Highland rd right near the strip, it's been closed for over a year. If you are staying at the Rio then probably the new Bikram Westside would be your best bet. Would be costly cab fare though. Email me with your dates. I could swing by and get you on my way to class. I work close to the it wouldn't be a problem!

  10. Yay, new studio! And yeah, the party was fun!