Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lock the friggin' knee!

Had a great class tonight...and am really getting psyched about this challenge! Anybody that has gone to teacher training will understand the title of this post. I've heard that Bikram literally yells and curses and tells everybody to just lock their friggin' knee. I hope to go to that training someday. Yes, I'll be subjected to the yelling and cursing, but its a small price to pay to follow my dream.
I'm lockin' my knee. But its hard and I am balanced challenged, so in standing head to knee, I don't kick out. I am still, after one year, "building a strong base". Thats ok though! When I started, I couldn't reach my foot! I bent over but could not get my foot into my hands to even begin the posture! So to be focused, eyes in the mirror, knee locked, foot in hand for 30 seconds most days, and some days I nail the first set and get 60 seconds, is a huge improvement for me. Currently, I'm working on sucking in my stomach to support my spine. So on that day that I am able to kick out and hold it, I will have a very solid foundation. I have kicked out before and I can't stay that way for very long.
So to review, I'd like to get closer to the wrap on eagle, and start kicking out more often in standing head to knee. Off the top of my head two other challenges for me are standing bow pulling pose and toe stand. Standing bow: I don't seem to have the strength to stay in it very long. I do get my foot over my head, shoulders in one line, but I fall out repeatedly. Toe stand: I can get down there, but I cannot seem to sit up straight and find my balance to start working toward getting either hand up into namaste. I'm kind of hunched over, and I cannot reverse out of the posture the same way on the left side, only the right, and even then i'm not coming back up neatly with a fully locked right leg. My two best postures: triangle and camel. My triangle is getting stronger and stronger. I remember the days when I could not hold the whole set on the left side. Those days are gone and I just love that posture. I'm getting my hips down, my leg is an "upside down letter L" and I'm really reaching up in opposite directions with both arms, with a nice triangle where its supposed to be. Camel: love that posture. I am back pretty good, pushing my hips forward and really arching my spine up and over, like a water fountain, and not putting pressure on my heels with my hands. In my mind, I picture myself doing full camel someday. I should have someday take a picture of me in that posture so I can laugh at the folly of my silly mind. I'm sure I don't look as good in that posture as I am imagining....but hey! Its fun!
Days left til challenge starts: Eleven. I plan on going to yoga at least 10 out of those 11 days to gear up.

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