Sunday, May 25, 2008

What came or the room?

I said in yesterdays post that when practice gets easier, my life outside the room should follow.  Well, after yesterdays complete hell of a practice I had a nice productive evening and a very good day the next day (today).  I went to 3pm yoga and was very happy to see Frank was teaching.  He is one of my favorite teachers.  His teaching style is great.  Compassion, humor, energy, he brings it every time.  I know I'm not alone in having him as one of my favorites.  Everybody loves Frank.  I had a very strong practice today.  One of those times where you come out of a posture and instead of feeling exhausted and weary, I felt energized.  I literally could feel energy running up and down my spine after floor bow.  Amazing.  Truly amazing.  So life felt good last night and this morning and so did my practice today.   I don't know which one decided to be good first, and it doesn't matter.  Its the whole "chicken or the egg?" dilemma.  :)
My daughter is back home from her dads and is coming with me to 11am yoga tomorrow.  She hasn't been for awhile and is excited.  Its wonderful to see a 13 year old go in there and brave that heat without complaining.  Not only that, but she really brings it with some of her postures.  She has a beautiful standing bow and her standing head to knee is very strong.  She kicks out every time the little shit!  The teacher who does the advanced class at our studio mentioned to my daughter the possibility of competing in the junior division of the yoga championships this fall.  I'm certainly not going to push it on her, but if she ends up going I'll be so darn proud.  As of now, she's interested.  We shall see.  You know how kids can be. 
My studio sends out email newsletters frequently.  The latest news letter talked about the fundraising event we are having for a fellow student who needs a kidney transplant.  Yogis Unite, a non profit organization started by two of the teachers is having an event at our studio on June 14th and we will be raising money.  I just found out, via the newsletter, that anybody doing to 30/60 day challenge can pick up a pledge form and have friends and family sponsor us in our challenge and it will go to the event!  I'm so excited.  What a great way to help out.  I already told the person organizing it that I would help out the day of, but to actually have a valid way to help raise funds is really great.  I'm going to pick up a pledge form tomorrow. 
Here is the link to the event details:

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