Monday, May 26, 2008

Yoga carnage courtesy of drill sergeant Dray...

It was awesome! People were dropping like flies before we even got to eagle. Three people left the room and never came back. Me, I hung in there like a trooper. It was a tough class. Not sure if he was keeping us in the postures longer or if we were just sucked in by his amazing energy and really pushing ourselves, but either way, my arms felt like hot lead weights in half moon and my legs were shaking like leaves in the second part of awkward. I was drip drip dripping sweat off my elbows like mad by eagle. These are the first three postures people! There are 26 total! I was wondering "hmmm, will I make it today?". I did. I dug deep and just really concentrated on breathing. I had to close my mouth several times (you are supposed to breath in through the nose and out through the nose) due to uncontrollable panting. But at least I was catching myself and correcting it. My daughter, she's a rockstar. She hadn't been to yoga in two weeks and was DYING by awkward. She took a knee a few times, and had to eventually lay down for a few postures. But she stayed in the room! Rockstar I say.
Yesterday I wrote about the fundraiser for fellow yogi George. He's getting a kidney transplant. Well, he was in class today and is a good friend of Dray. The class was also pretty full due to today being a holiday and the last class is at 1pm instead of 11pm. I think Dray was just really rockin' that class out for George and pushing us to our limits. George is amazing. He has to have dialysis all of the time and comes to yoga anyway! How many people would use that as an excuse NOT to go? All of us I think. Or 99.9 % anyway. Knowing George was in there with his dialysis patch on his chest, workin' it to the max made me work extra hard to hang in there when the yoga carnage started. Oh, and as a bonus, we had alot of yoga drama. Yoga drama is when people start to grunt, groan and make horrible noises in things like backward bending. Funny part is that the yoga drama started in half moon. People were lowering their arms and making noises already. Can't say as I blame them. My arms were wilting at the very least. I was hard pressed to keep them locked toward the end when the burning was at full intensity.
I picked up the pledge form today. June 1st can't come fast enough for me. I've gone 4 days in a row now and I'm totally fired up!

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