Friday, May 16, 2008

Want "the wrap" badly

OK, before I get started with this challenge, I'm going to document a few things I cannot do (or wish I could do) as well as some stats (omg, how scary, I'm going to have to track my weight!) so that I can see progress. The last time I did the 60 day challenge I slimmed down a little (approx 4 lbs) and started toning up, as well as making some breakthroughs on postures. This picture shows somebody doing "eagle pose". This is the third posture in the series (not counting the first breathing exercise) and for me has been the bane of my existence lately. I can get my hands into prayer. Are they below my nose? Well, kinda if I look up and stick that nose in the air! I know, that's cheating. I need to work on pulling my arms down. The thing that really gets me in this posture is that I cannot wrap my legs. I point my toe in that direction, but my foot seems to be nowhere near wrapping around my calf. How the hell do these people do this? I'm just baffled. I also have balancing issues in general, so quite often I will fall out a little and have to get back in. So I'd like to be closer to obtaining "the wrapped legs" if at all possible by the end of the challenge. I've been practicing for a year, so that's probably wishful thinking, but it doesn't hurt to try. Even an inch further is progress! Are my legs just too fat? Or is it tightness somewhere, like the hips? That part I have not figured out.
I'll log my stats on day 1 of the challenge. Meanwhile, I think I'll post short little blogs about the postures I'd like to improve on. All of them need improvement, but there are some specific things, like "the wrap" that I'm excited to work on.

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