Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mediocrity and two days off

Today is Thursday. I went to yoga Tuesday night at 5pm. It was my fifth day in a row (yippee!!) and I just had a very mediocre class. I was just not feelin' it. The class started something like this: My normal row was full, so I went to the back. The mirror seemed so far away and it felt "off". During breathing I felt so "blah" and didn't want to be there. During half moon I was arguing with myself "I hate this friggin' posture. I didn't use to hate it. Now I hate it, all these damn teachers keeping me in this damn thing for a half hour, my friggin' arms are going to fall off". Ok, maybe I had some issues that day (obviously) because as I sit here and type this two days later its so silly. Anyway, something deep inside me, a smaller but more powerful voice just said "get out of my way". After that, my thoughts calmed down, not shut up completely as I would've liked, but they calmed down and I proceeded to have a very lukewarm class. That's OK, we can't be rock stars every time we practice. In fact, one of the things that keeps me going back is not knowing what I'm going to get when I walk in there. Same exact postures every time seems like it would be boring. I find its just the opposite. The unknown of how your body will react that day makes it very fun.
Wednesday I took the day off and it looks like I am not going to go tonight either due to donating blood today. I actually have gone to yoga the same day as donating blood before, because I was doing a 60 day yoga challenge and had to go, but I did feel dizzy and had to sit down a lot. So I'll just pick it back up tomorrow. I plan on going tomorrow and Saturday and then Sunday the challenge starts. I'm excited because I've gotten a few pledges for the fundraiser for George. I'm on it!

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