Sunday, January 18, 2009

Advice from a doctor and almost back in the saddle

I went to yoga at 11:30 this morning.  I arrived 30 minutes early as usual and chatted with three instructors, one being the owner who is also a doctor.  I mentioned the master cleanse and got all sorts of interesting reactions from them.  Hmmm.  One (the doctor) is totally against it.  Another, who was teaching my class today has done it before but doesn't really think it's necessary and especially is not any good for weight loss (not why I was doing it, but felt it worth mentioning for blog purposes) and the third, recently did it but only for 3 days.  She felt 10 days was too long as she is fairly detoxed anyway from doing yoga everyday and started to notice a decline in her strength by day 3.  She said her body didn't really "move" anything, that she must not have any toxins or buildup to begin with.  All very interesting opinions, experience, advice, input and for sure makes me stop and think.  Oh, and Connie was not there so of course I don't have the book yet.  Connie insists you must read the book first before proceeding so you can do it right.
So I'll get the book, read it, and if I decide to do the cleanse will probably just do 3 days to see how it goes.  I certainly don't want to put my body into starvation mode, which is what the doctor says is the only thing that really happens and that is not good.  He was very against it.
What I do know is I'm calling Jenny Craig tomorrow to get back in with my old counselor next weekend.  I lost 20 pounds on it, it's easy, it's familiar and it will work.  Then to keep it off.  That is a whole 'nother blog!  

Today's class was pretty good.  It was my second day in a row after missing many many days due to extreme partying followed by extreme flu sickness.  I felt a little dizzy still and although I did every posture, my strength is certainly not up to par.  On a good note, I was very flexible for some reason.  Strange how that works!  I noticed too that with all the sweating we always do, yesterday and today were different than normal.  It was salty as opposed to just water (with a regular practice, the sweat is clear and feels like a "shower" from the inside out) and I felt, well, clammy is the only way to describe it.  So of course my body is just working hard to expel the toxins from the self inflicted damage and flu both.  I am so anxious to get back to feeling well and healthy.  I try not to take things for granted and this was a nice reminder not to take my good health and sense of well being for granted.  Once you learn what it feels like to truly feel well and healthy, there is no going back.  I could not bear to go back to being sedentary, stiff, sore, tired, sad.....everything that comes with not taking care of yourself! Today was nice....I am almost back in the saddle.  


  1. Too bad about the raw food thing. Good luck with the new Jenny plan! Any chance you're man will join you in the challenge?

  2. Corva~
    I have a couple of yogini friends joining me for the challenge...Reggi and Shelley. I'll be sure to include stories of them in my blog! :)
    I cannot WAIT to get started. I'm looking forward to it!