Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 6: Leaving in droves

Today was 330 yoga with Candace.  She taught a very hot, very solid class.  It was challenging and I loved it.  The class was very full, including 11 , count 'em, 11 first timers!  Wow!  Halfway through the standing series they started to leave in droves.  One left, then a group of two, then a group of three.  Of course she tried to get them to stay but they were having none of that.  Another girl tried to leave during the floor series later and Candace got her to stay in the room.  I heard her talking to Candace after class and she seemed glad that she stayed.  Candace was encouraging, saying "you were doing too darn good, I wasn't going to let you give up on yourself!".  
So far, other than writing this blog every day, it doesn't yet feel like I'm doing a challenge.  I suppose because there are many weeks I go 6 days a week, and sometimes I end up stringing together 10 or 12 days just because I'm in a groove.  I'm very interested to see what day it finally gets tough.  That is when you learn more about yourself.

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