Saturday, January 17, 2009

The "New" Plan

Roll with the punches.  Be flexible.  Go with the flow.  Things change.......
So my studio finally printed up their flyer about this 60 day yoga and raw food challenge.  The short version is I can either learn how to prepare it all myself or pay 280 a week for the first 30 days to have the Go Raw cafe prepare the food for me.  Not sure what they expect you to do the second half...make it yourself I suppose.  Either way, the price doesn't work for me and preparing it myself doesn't interest me.  It's hard enough to work all day and do a 90 minute yoga class, never mind throwing in time to chop, puree and whatever else you have to do!
I am really bummed I won't get to participate in the documentary, but I will be sure to include in my blog anything interesting I observe as they are filming in my studio!
So here is my new plan.  
Connie, a teacher at my studio asked me if I would like to do the master cleanse with her a couple of weeks ago.  She said she would bring a book in for me so I knew what to do.  I said "sure, why not".  I saw her today and she said she would bring the book in tomorrow.  So, starting this Monday, I will do the cleanse.  Then, the following Monday the challenge starts.  After the cleanse I will go back on my Jenny Craig plan and finally make it down to the goal weight I set for myself.  I have about 20 more pounds to lose.  Perhaps I can make some good progress on that during the challenge.  Let's say maybe 15?  That is what I will shoot for and if I do better, great!  
I am pretty sure the master cleanse is just drinking some strange concoction a few times a day and not eating any food.  Oh, and from what I remember the drink is made up of crazy stuff like lemonade and maple syrup!  Are you kidding me?  I'll definitely blog about that this week prior to the challenge!  It should be very interesting!  After the last two weeks I need a cleanse.  I had a friend in town last weekend and stayed up too late two nights in a row.  On top of that we were eating and drinking and I missed some yoga classes.  After the weekend was over, I came down with a horrible flu.  First the stomach part, then it progressed into the coughing, sneezing, achy body, really tired part.  I missed two days of work and lots of yoga.  In fact, looking at my calendar where I track my classes,  I have gone to yoga only 3 times in the last 9 days.  I have not missed that many classes since October when I went on my houseboat trip!  Needless to say I do not feel like myself right now.  I am grumpy, soft in the middle, a few pounds in the wrong direction, and just out of sorts in general.  I am already feeling a little bit better after going to yoga this morning and I know by Wednesday I'll feel like a million bucks.  It's amazing how rapidly my mental state starts to deteriorate when I break my routine.  How ever did I used to get along before I wonder?  I suppose I just walked around grumpy, soft in the middle, out of sorts everyday and had no idea things could feel different!  
Master cleanse here I come!

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