Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 4: Filming...and the completion of a goal

So today was 5:30 with Oksana. Before class, Reggi and I signed waivers about being filmed (see post about young blond spiky haired dude filming himself). Anyway, we got to class and our usual spots happened to be on the wrong side of the tape, meaning he wasn't filming on our side of the class. Neither of us moved our mats. We didn't really care. During class, he and his young, blond, female, shakti wearing assistant came in and went to the "ok to film side of the room" and whispered/taped some footage. It was actually kind of cool. I had a nice strong practice tonight and maybe should've went over the filming side of the room. Oh well. Next time I will!
Speaking of having a strong practice, I stayed in standing bow pulling pose first set, right side the whole minute! Holy shit! I was so excited! First time ever!


  1. Congratulations on standing bow! I only recently figured that out myself. Next I have to work on getting my head to my knee in standing head to knee. Maybe I should do a challenge?

  2. boy oh boy, that standing head to knee sure is a challenging posture! I have really started to love it now that I am kicking out. That's so cool that you are working on getting your head down. I'm still just trying to get my elbows down first.
    I'm only on day 6, you could start now and at least do a 30 day! I bet you get your head to your knee by the end!!