Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ready, Set, GO!!

Tomorrow is the day.  Day one of the 60 day challenge.  I'm all fired up about it to be honest.  I started back on Jenny Craig again yesterday, I did 6 yoga classes last week to prepare for the challenge and I got alot of rest this weekend.  I feel fully recovered from the flu, however, to my surprise it does still linger a bit in the sinuses.  Stubborn!  
Connie did give me the master cleanse booklet finally and I've decided that when I do the cleanse, it will be for 3 days.  I'm going to read the little book and then decide when to start.   For now, I'm content to be back in my Jenny Craig/Yoga Challenge routine.  I lost 20 lbs doing that last summer so I know it works.  So I feel back in control....empowered.

I already know I can do 60 yoga classes in 60 days, I did it twice last year.  That doesn't mean it will be easy, I already know it is far from easy.  However, what's a challenge without some little goals thrown in for good measure?  So I'll list them here and at the end see if I obtained any of them!

1.  Weight loss:  15lbs
2.  Eagle Posture:  I am still working on getting those wrapped legs.  I am so close!  My pinky toe kinda sticks on the calf, but I can't seem to fully hook my foot behind there.  I will keep working!
3.  Standing head to knee:  This has become one of my favorite postures.   I have been practicing for 1 year and 9 months and am finally getting the gist of the kicking out.  I have been kicking out since last summer, but was never really able to stay in it.  Also, I wasn't getting the locked knee on the kicking out leg, nor was I kicking my heel toward the mirror.  Finally, those things are happening and now I'm working on getting my elbows down below my calves.  Eventually I'll get to the head to knee part, but for now I am so excited to be able to stay in it for more than 5 seconds and be working the elbows part!  So goal would be to finally touch forehead to knee on one side even if it is short lived.  
4.  Standing bow:  I'd like to be able to nail a nice full minute on one side without falling out.  I've done the 30 seconds on the second set, but never a full minute.
5.  Last challenge I touched my forehead to the floor in separate leg stretching.  I missed a week in October and never was able to get back to that point.  I'd like to touch my forehead to the floor.  I'll set this goal, but I'm a little doubtful on it.  I have been "front row warrior", staying in the front row and living with my studios new rules.  One of which is not turning our towel in separate leg stretching.  With our plastic bacteria resistant floor and sweaty feet, that posture feels precarious and I don't spread my legs very far for fear of ending up in side splits.  Excuses aside, it's possible to achieve it again, even on the slippery floor.  Other people do it.  I'll give it my best shot!

Challenge here I come!

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