Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 2: Rule Breaker

Yup.  That's me.  The front-row-rule-breaker.  In my defense, I did not do it intentionally.  Tonight I went to the 5:30 class with Candace.  I haven't had her class in quite awhile.  She dances in the Bette Midler show on the strip and they are on a break, so she'll be around a bit again.  She is a tall, young, very pretty girl and as far as teaching goes, she is very good.  She makes corrections, encourages, helps the newbies out and stays very engaged.  Oh, and I am not so familiar with her rhythm that I am coming out of postures just as she is saying "change".  So tonight, the room was hot, some postures felt long and by Triangle I was a hot mess.  Second side of triangle, first set, I hit the deck.   Was on my knees, trying to regain my composure.  Front row is not supposed to take a knee during standing series.  Well, knowing this, I popped back up and joined right in for second set and did a sloppy but sort of passable triangle.  
Once I made it through that snafu the rest of the class was great.  Feel pretty good tonight!
Day 3, bring it!

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