Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 3: Giggling Yoginis

No, I'm not talking about some newbies.  I'm not talking about young teens either.  I'm talking about me and two of my friends.  **oh shame!**.  Before class, me and two of my good yogini buddies were hanging out on the bench in the hallway as usual.  One of them was telling me how she sort of nicely called the man she is seeing out on the carpet for letting her make all of the effort.  She said "who's the dude here!".  His reaction was "can you hand me my balls back".  I have the feeling this is one of those you-had-to-be-there stories, but suffice it to say her expression and tone as she said that had me in hysterics. 
So we go to the room.  It's hot.  It's dark.  Everybody is sitting on their mats with a pretty serious look on their faces, waiting for class to start.  Business as usual.  Me and my two buddies catch eyes in the mirrors and one of them raises her hand in the gesture you use to get into standing bow (arm out, elbow bent and close to your ribs, palm up) and mouths "don't drop the balls".  So of course we all three start laughing.  Trying to do it quietly.  
Fast forward to standing bow pulling pose.  The one with the hand gesture.  Naturally I caught the eyes of my friend directly to the left of me and we were silently giggling.  Not something you want to do as you are setting up for such a strenuous posture.  Thankfully we regained our composure, in large part due to not looking at each other anymore and class from there on out was uneventful.  
So day 3 was fun....but hot!  After class I had to sit for a few minutes before I could change.  Tough but doable.  I think the laughter helped!

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