Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Guest Post: New teacher Mei!

Mei has been too busy teaching and facebooking to blog. So I talked her into a quickie guest post (begged). I now give you Mei. Enjoy!!

Actually, I lie. I knocked her out with a champagne bottle and decided to hijack her blog! *evil laugh. OK, I lied about that, so put that receiver down and read this entry. Like, right now.

Soooooo. I have been out of teacher training for... exactly 4 days. That means, 4 days of good sleep [I'm still stuck on TT time though - sleep at 12-1am, wake up at 700am going "OH FUCK NEED TO SIGN IN"-], good food, general lazing around, facebooking [hooray for internet!], laundry, general lunatic behaviour on twitter... and TEACHING. Yes, teaching!

Taught my first class at Bikram Yoga Summerlin [props to Jason for letting me hijack his class. Only because I possess the ultimate power of cute. That and I won't be in Vegas for long!]. How does it feel coming full circle, I hear you ask? Weeeell.. it felt... FUCKING AWESOME. Apologies to BikramYogaChick if I am desecrating her blog with cuss words, but heck, she's out cold after I knocked her out with a bottle of champagne. Heh heh heh.

Let me describe the feeling of teaching - it felt... surreal. After 9 weeks of hell and torture, late nights, movies, cramming in dialogue, crying [yes, I balled my eyes out Friday of Week 5], frustration [why won't the dialogue stick?!?!?], lethargy and tiredness [try staying up till 1-5am everydaym waking up at 7am to hydrate, eat and rush off to 830am class]... I am a newly minted teacher! For my very very first class [proper class as well], I had ONE first timer, TWO beginners, and TWENTY ONE students in total. In short, I think I killed everyone in there [with kindless, love and corny jokes - yes, I know you love my corny ass jokes] and I saw a few people sitting out. Shit, that was when I remembered... "Open the doors, uh, hello, get a clue, you're the teacher!!!". It felt so surreal when a student approached me and asked if I was the teacher. I had to get used to saying yes and looking her straight in the eye as she explained her medical predicaments. Had a brand new guy in there as well, and he did pretty damn well for his first class! Props to Jason for helping him out with his grip for Standing Bow [I saw he had the right grip the first set, couldn't see for the second set cause uh, I'm still too short to see from above the podium].

It was a night of firsts, as BikramYogaChick would tell you! It was my VERY FIRST CLASS, the VERY FIRST TIME BYC TOUCHED HER FOREHEAD TO HER KNEE, and my very first class with ONE first timer! YAY for us!

If BYC hasn't told you yet, I'm currently bunking at her place, just a room across from her. Thank GOD we're not in the same room cause she'll be listening to me pace up and down the room, memorising dialogue and generally cussing to myself when I'm studying dialogue. And no, I don't weigh 89lbs dripping wet, and no, I don't fancy myself going out clubbing people when they're asleep in bed.

The circle is complete. Now, off to kill people lovingly all over the world with Bikram Yoga, muahaha!

The circle would not have been able to be completed without the following individuals. I would like to thank the following, in no particular order, for helping support me in this crazy journey called Teacher Training : McKinley - for organising the fundraiser, BikramYogaChick - thank you for the lodging, the company, the bubbly, being the perfect hostess!, my teachers at True Fitness Malaysia - thank you for putting up with my crazy behaviour, Jakob for being my mentor, Erik for being the awesome studio manager and teaching me the value of street smarts, all the staff at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2009 - thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice!, visiting teachers - thank you for your wise input and wisdom, Lisa I. - for the awesome distraction you dished out during Rabbit pose and being so encouraging, my roomie - because I am actually quiet and distant during my solace in the big big tent and room, my family - thank you for supporting my dreams and not thinking I was insane, my friends - I know you miss me!, last but not least - all my readers and followers on twitter. Thank you, Thank you, for the follow and allowing me to share this awesome journey. Special thanks to Laura for sending the awfully sweet card... and thank you to everyone who sent mail and packages! You made me feel so special and loved :)

Ah, BikramYogaChick has come to consciousness. Again, thank you everyone for sharing this awesome journey with me.

Now, to pretend like the champagne cork knocked her out flat cold. *twiddles thumbs


p.s : I kid, I didn't really club her unconcious.


  1. Congrats on graduating, Mei! I hope I someday have the chance to take one of your classes!

  2. Great job, Mei! I'm sure you'll kill plenty of students:)

  3. Congratulations Mei!! This is awesome!!!!

  4. Mei, awesome awesome awesome start to teaching!!! Congratulations on successfully completing teacher training!

  5. That sounds very exciting! I always wonder how bikram yoga teachers manage to maintain the dialogue for 90mn!
    I have a question, is it possible to manage the side splits with bikram yoga?
    I am sure that many postures stretch on my adductors, but if I try to stretch for the splits after the class, I don't feel I have made any progress..
    Can you help?

    Thank you