Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teacher Training Graduation, Yogi Christmas Party and adventures with Mei and J

Well I've been a big fat slacker blogger. I know, I owe you guys scoop, big time. Here goes. Last Saturday was teacher training graduation. It was held in a gigantic ballroom at the Hilton. The trainees were all dressed up and seated in the first several rows. Bikram was escorted in by two Las Vegas showgirls, one of them being Stacy Shea, the owner of the Green Valley Bikram studio. It was pretty funny and totally Bikram. Craig Villani was there to "mc" the graduation. Rajasharee spoke and then ran the demonstration. Trainees selected by Bikram himself (including Mei!!!) got on stage and performed all 26 postures in the series, with Rajasharee explaining the benefits of each one as they were being demonstrated. I love that woman. She was far away up on stage and I could just tell that I totally be enamored with her if I met her in person. She has a beautiful energy. The ceremony started at 3 and I had to leave at 6 to go to the Christmas party because I volunteered to work the door. I missed seeing Mei go onstage (there were only on J when I left) but I did see her during a break and gave her a giant hug.
The yogi Christmas party was held at the Playboy club at the palms. I worked the door for the first hour and a half. Lots of my yogi friends showed up, including fellow blogger Greg (Big G from "Another Version of the Truth") and my friend Michelle A (one of the original "regulars" from my old studio). Trainees started to show up later, including Mei. I found her later at a very loud dance club upstairs from the Playboy Club. It was pretty fun. Yogis sure do clean up nicely!
I picked Mei up the next morning and she stayed with me for a few days. As you know from my previous post I got to take her first class ever. We left later that week and headed to southern California to see Julianna (Dancing J from "Lock the Knee" blog). I have now met three bloggers in real life and all three are phenomenal people. I am amazed at how awesome the Bikram community is. J took us to her studio that night and when we got back to her house we hung out and looked through Mei's teacher training yearbook. I know J was touched, because she will be going to training in the spring and I was touched because I don't know when or how I will get to training....just know I will go. The next day J and I got to take Mei's class at noon. I was excited to see J's reaction to Mei's class. She loved it of course. Practicing next to these gals was inspiring to say the least. They both have incredible postures and are strong, determined and flexible. I mean really flexible. J looks at her heels during the half moon backbend. She is also very graceful (her ballet training), super smart and friendly just like you would expect after reading her blog. The three of us meshed really well and were very comfortable together. Good times!
I left Mei with J. They took a road trip up the coast. I drove 30 miles and stayed the weekend with old high school friends. Tonight was my first class back after missing three days of yoga (sat-mon) and I paid the price let me tell you! It was humid as all get out and Dray was riding us hard. It felt good to be back. Now to gear up for the big 101 day challenge starting Jan 1st. If you haven't yet checked out our group blog, please do so (click on the 101 badge in the top right corner of my blog). We also have a facebook group page and it has gone viral! Over 400 yogis joined the group in the first few days.
Sorry for the lack of pictures (and for the terrible quality of the graduation pics).
Pics 1-3: Greg and Mei, Michelle A, two other yogis then Greg, Me and Greg. All taken at the Christmas party
Pics 4-7: Teacher Training Graduation
Pic 8: Me, Mei and J


  1. Thanks for posting the pics! They're all great!

  2. Hi, I'm starting Bikram yoga in January and I was wondering if you could tell me what I need to bring. Thanks.

  3. Michelle~ congrats on your decision to start Bikram yoga! You will love it! Make sure to hydrate before going in. Bring a mat and a towel to put over your mat. Bring a liter of water. Wear cool comfortable yoga clothing and bring a change of clothes, because you will be soaked after class. Best of luck! Let me know how it goes!

  4. It really WAS too brief, my friend. Can't wait to see you again!! :)