Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 1- Conversations with my 37-Year-Old-Self

This is a picture of my new yoga clothes.  I got two others just like it but in other colors....grey/purple and black/aqua.  So today, on day one of my big 60 day challenge, I decided to wear the black/aqua one for the first time.  For some reason the top felt a little loose and I had panic stricken visions of my top rising up too high and my chest popping out of it.  So here I am, on day one, at the beginning of class with one of my favorite teachers (Dray) looking like I'm ready to rock and roll on the outside...standing with my toes and heels together, looking in the mirror...calm.  Sure, calm on the outside.  For some reason, once I decided my top was not going to work I spent the first three postures outwardly doing the yoga, but inwardly having a panic stricken argument with myself about the intelligence of wearing a new yoga outfit I didn't even try on in the store!  Well, I finally realized that my vision of boobs flying out of new top was not going to manifest and calmed down and focused.  Had a great class until camel.  For some reason, I almost tossed my cookies today after camel and had to sit out the second set.  Arrghh!  My daughter came with me today and did pretty well herself.  Dray was awesome as usual and I felt excited to be on day one of the challenge.  I have raised almost 200 dollars for George and will try to get more pledges before its over.
Pic:  Ashley and I back at home after yoga, gettin' ready to cook some yummy hamburgers!

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